Crushing The Day…Or Is The Day Crushing You?

Posted on September 29, 2019

Drewbie Wilson



By Drewbie Wilson

If you sat back and counted up what you had done on each day over the last month, how many of them would you say you crushed versus being crushed by them?

Listen, we all have bad days from time to time. That’s just how life works.

Sometimes, you’re late for work AGAIN and miss the start of your sales call, which causes you to lose the big deal you’ve been working on. THAT DAMN TRAIN that just had to cut you off as you raced to work!

Then again…is it really the train’s fault?

If you’re not showing up on time, that’s in direct correlation to the way you approach your day.

Now, you might come back at me and say something like “Well, I can’t control extenuating circumstances such as a train…” and you’re absolutely correct about that. However, you can plan to arrive an extra 15 minutes early when you have an important meeting. You can accommodate for the fact that the force of average loves to mess with you when something big is about to occur in your life. You know this as much as I do. When things are going great, the universe will do its best to make sure you truly want whatever is on the horizon as bad as you say you do.

This is why you need to plan for the day accordingly.

To start, you need to get up earlier in the day. The most successful people in the world get up and attack the day as early as 4 am. That typically gives them an extra 2-3 hours per day to work where most others will be sleeping in. The next thing you’ll want to do is set yourself up with a solid morning routine that you stick with religiously. For me, it includes a few minutes of meditation, writing down 5 things I am grateful for, and then getting 45-60 minutes of cardio done while listening to some sort of positive book or podcast. I flood my mind with gratitude and positivity to prepare for the day’s battles.

If you want to be more successful, your day must be more structured.

From the moment you wake up, to the moment you lay down in bed, your day should be planned out. Make sure to account for all areas of life as well when doing your planning. Set time aside for your family, business, health, and for yourself. When you hit all areas of the G-Code every day (GROUP-GRIND-GENETICS-GRATITUDE) you set yourself up for success. So, start thinking about how much time you can allot to each piece of the code. Remember the amount of time dedicated will never be equal across the board. Meaning, you must decide what to spend the most time on to get the maximum results possible.

If you know what to expect, when the unexpected occurs, you won’t be so thrown off course.

While you’re building up your resiliency to the struggles of life and business, you will start picking up on what the more successful people in your circle have done to avoid significant losses. That’s part of surrounding yourself with the right sort of folks who can help you level up in your mindset and approach to your problems. This is another way you can crush the day before it crushes you.

Get in a circle of people who push you to be the best you every day.

If you’re still wondering how to crush the day, it’s time to pay attention.
Remember, you control your destiny with your thoughts and actions. If you want to be more successful and live the life you dream of, you need to start going all-in and crushing the day before it crushes you. You need to be more active in controlling your destiny.

These are the 3 steps you need to take every day without fail:

  • Eliminate excuses.
  • Get up earlier.
  • Structure your day around success.
  • Surround yourself with people who will push you to achieve greatness.

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