The Divine Assignment On Your Life [Video]

Posted on November 06, 2016

Ryan Stewman



I’m not one to get all “law of attraction-y” or anything like that. Bear with me if you will. I’m going to take you down a path there’s no coming back from. You can’t un-learn what I’m about to red pill your ass with. Proceed with caution.
You see, I believe we are all born with a divine assignment on our lives. Now, when I say “divine” I’m talking a higher power. It could be God, Allah, The Universe, or Joseph Smith.

I don’t have the answer as to “what” the divinity is, I’m just confident there is one. 

For the sake of saving arguments, let’s call it “The Universe” when I’m talking about our creator. We can’t prove there’s a God, but we can prove the Universe exists. Let’s just say the Universe is all-knowing and the divinity we all search for. Even if you don’t agree with me, pretend you do for the sake of this lesson.
When we’re conceived in the womb, our DNA is created. The single biggest discovery in the history of man is the mapping of the human genome. You’re given a unique DNA code that out of seven billion people, is the one and only DNA combo. Literally, yours is the only one. There are no other people walking around with your exact DNA. DNA is more individually unique than a fingerprint.

We are given this DNA code from The Universe in its infinite wisdom.

I believe that our DNA code is our operating system. The sequence you’re given dictates your place in life. Yet, most people haven’t learned how to tap into their DNA code. Matter of fact, the majority of people are professionals at doing the opposite of what they were born and DNA-coded to do. 
Essentially it’s like a computer. Most people are DNA-born to be Macs, but they spend their whole life trying to be a Windows machine.


It makes no sense, and all the sense at the same time.  

When you listen to the DNA code you were gifted with, you no longer feel anxious, or alone; you no longer feel anger or any other emotion. When you listen to the voice in the back of your head, take a chance on yourself and follow your divine assignment on your life, you get to a place of peace. 
Most of us try and fight the DNA, we try to silence the voice in our head. We use drugs, sex and whatever we can in order to escape the God-given code, and we ignore the voice telling us the one thing we were put here to do.
In this video, I’ll do my best to explain the whole scenario in less time than the average egghead professional or theologist. Press play on the video and give me a chance to explain. Just know that there’s no coming back after taking this red pill.

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