Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Behind?

Posted on March 31, 2021

Ryan Stewman



Do you ever feel like you’re behind?

Do you ever feel like everyone around you is doing WAY more than you are?

Do you ever feel like you should be further along in life than where you are right now?

This can be a good or a bad thing, or perhaps a little of both, depending on your perspective.

The reality is some people around you ARE doing more than you, and many are not. However, that’s their burden to bear and not yours. You’re on your own journey and the lessons you must learn to grow are yours and yours alone. Many times the reason we have not achieved what we desire is that we’re not ready for it yet. If everything you ever wanted and needed was dumped in your lap tomorrow morning, there’s a good chance you would be woefully underprepared and under skilled.

I believe we’re all exactly where we are supposed to be in life because there are things we must learn and people whose paths we must cross in order to get to the destination which we desire.


I was having a conversation with my 73 year old dad a few days ago. I was talking about the state of my current business and how things are going well…Finally. He started reflecting and then told me he was 43 when he opened up his own car sales business, which was the most rewarding business he ever had.

The only timeline any of us are on is that of life itself. There’s no equation that says you must be somewhere or have a certain amount of money or have a certain house or have a certain car by a certain point in life. If you desire more from life, then it’s your responsibility to figure out what you need to do in order to get there. But comparing yourself to others is never a fruitful journey and will rob you of the joy you should be experiencing as you craft your own life.

My encouragement to all of you (and to myself as well) is to keep honing in on the life you want.

Keep building the machine, get good at the daily tasks that breed success, and DON’T concern yourself with anyone else’s success.

Aaannnddd GO!

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