Do You Know Where To Look For The Answers You Seek?

Posted on June 03, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



When I was 18, I got a job as a nuclear, pharmaceutical technician.


That’s a fancy way of saying I took radioactive isotopes and compounded them with different chemicals and sent them off to private clinics and hospitals across northwestern Ohio.


Essentially we would mix up these different medicines designed to take the radioactive material to different parts of the body and make sure they had the appropriate amount of radioactivity to keep the patient from getting sick and for the imaging to show up properly on the cameras.


Think of an X-Ray but for your lungs, heart, or brain. It was an outside the box job for someone my age, but there was plenty to be learned there.


One of the biggest lessons I will always have from that job was given to me by one of our pharmacists, Gary. He had been working in the industry for 25+ years and was our Yoda.

Do You Know Where To Look For The Answers You Seek?

He was even short, spoke in kind of a funny way, and loved to share his wisdom like Yoda. The best thing he ever shared with me was the following…


“The wise man doesn’t always have the answer, but he knows where to look for them.”


That message has stuck with me for over ten years now. Instead of getting down on myself for not having an answer to a specific question, I think back to this quote and am instantly reminded to think about where I can find it.


Perhaps there is a book or a particular article that needs to be referenced. With Google just a few clicks away, there isn’t any reason to feel as though you cannot solve a problem by seeking the answer.

This process has served me well throughout my sales career.

I can count a dozen or more times were saying, “You know…that’s a great question; let me do some research and get back with you.” Has led me to build a massive amount of trust with my clients.


People are smart these days, and they can see right through the BS many less savvy salespeople will try to use. Nobody expects you to have the answer to everything.


Do yourself the favor of knowing when to admit it and of having the proper resources at hand when needed. If you know where to look, you’ll be surprised to find out how many answers you already have to the questions when asked.


When it comes to learning, you can absorb more knowledge by taking every lesson in a way that makes you think, “If I had to teach this to someone else at some point. Would I be able to?”


So while you seek the answers to your prospect’s problems, do yourself the favor of learning the content in such a way that you can educate them during your next conversation.


Each time you go looking for the answers to another question, you will become a little bit wiser for yourself. This wisdom will lead you to more questions and more answers and more understanding. It’s a perfect circle of knowledge.


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