Do You Suffer From Delusional Salesman Syndrome? [Video]

Posted on February 28, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Grab your popcorn, this is gonna be good. In all my years working with salespeople, I’ve noticed many of them are delusional. They are delusional when it comes to managing their time and when their last sale was. When a salesman has a diluted sense of time, they will tell themselves lies that they believe. Track with me here… this is gonna get deep.
Everyday, when I’m on sales calls, I ask the prospect “so what’s your average sales volume monthly?” and they give me one number. Now, I’m not going to share with you how I do it, but I have a way of asking that same question again, only phrased differently, towards the end of the call. And I almost always get a completely different answer.
Here’s why this happens. It’s not necessarily the salesman lying. You see, in most cases they just don’t know. That’s when I put my gloves on, and go in to do my job. It’s my job to show them they aren’t clear, and how to get clear. 
If I told you the amount of salespeople I speak to every day that don’t track goals or even sales, you’d think I was a bold faced liar. So many salespeople don’t even track their earnings or sales for the month. ALL top producers track their numbers though. Isn’t that weird how that works out?
If you don’t track your numbers, you lose track of time. You’ll go around thinking “I just made a sale the other day” and truth is that’s been weeks ago. If you have no way to measure your numbers, and clearly define the date of your last win, you’ll get swept away with ‘life’ happening and before you know it, you need a sale. Bad. Because it’s been too damn long since your last one. 

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