Does Your Tenacity Match Your Capacity?

Posted on February 01, 2021

Ryan Stewman



Where preparedness and opportunity meet.

Last night, I was talking to one of my really great friends about Tom Brady. And we were discussing all the commentary on the fact that he’s going back to the Super Bowl.

This guy, Tom Brady, has been to 47% of the Super Bowls of his entire career.

Many people were commenting, we’re talking about him having natural gifts that other people don’t have. Other people were talking about the kind of coaching that he had gotten. They were talking about the type of teams that he was placed on. Everything that everybody was talking about was a defeatist attitude.

It was about how he got lucky, either by God or by circumstance. It wasn’t because of Tom Brady.

Our conversation went in a completely different direction. What we started talking about was all of the time that Tom Brady invests practicing his skill. Tom Brady ended up doing the mundane things day in and day out, practicing just like game day.

We talked about how easy it’d be for Tom Brady to have his attention diverted from his purpose: his fame, fortunes, even dealing with the media, training on different teams, whatever it has to be.

See what Tom Brady was doing every day was getting up and acting like game day. Tom Brady was building his muscles, his mental and physical powers up so that no matter what circumstance came his way, he could perform.

Many of us are waiting on the big payday. We’re waiting on “THE” opportunity to show up…


THE opportunity that will give us the riches that we want and the lifestyle that we want. But deep down inside of us, we know we’re not doing the work.

Deep down inside of us, we know that we don’t really deserve it. Not because we’re undeserving people, but because we can’t handle the pressure when it shows up.

Tom Brady is known so well for being such a winner because of his ability to win when the going gets tough. His ability to be mentally focused on the objective at hand, to accomplish the task, no matter what’s put in front of him.

That doesn’t show up when he’s making millions or winning Super Bowls. It doesn’t show up AFTER the fame started.

That mindset began well before he was ever a champion. And my suggestion to each and every one of us is if you believe in who you are, and you believe in the value that you know that you can bring…that you get to practice that value every single day.

You practice that value, even when it looks like you’re not gonna get paid for it. You practice that value even when you’re getting ridiculed for it. You practice that value even when you get ripped off for it.

You practice that value no matter what.

And here’s what I know will happen for you. I don’t know when it’ll happen. I don’t know where it’ll happen. And I certainly don’t know how it’ll happen. But it will happen. The opportunities will show up. You will be prepared for those opportunities because you’ve been putting in the work, and when it shows up, You, like Tom Brady, will turn on your mental toughness, and you will win the day.

See ya’ in the trenches!

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