Don’t Stop Doing The Things That Get You Results

Posted on July 30, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Do you stop doing the things that get you success?


Early in my career as a health and fitness coach, I had a lady come to me with the usual list of things she wanted to accomplish. 


She had recently birthed two children, and it was time to get in shape!


She wanted to lose weight, lose fat, “tone up”, and feel comfortable in her clothes again. 


We took a look at her habits in regards to exercise and nutrition, as well as other lifestyle habits such as quality of sleep and stress management, then came up with a plan. 


Like many people, it wasn’t necessarily a complete overhaul of her life, but more moving things in the right direction more often.


She had a vision in her head of what the outcome was to look like but wound up FAR exceeding her expectations. 


Over the next several months she did a 180, and looked and felt great! Not only did she attain her initial goals, she truly embodied what a “fit” person encompasses.


She became the one everyone else looked to for inspiration and motivation. It was awesome to witness!

Don’t Stop Doing The Things That Get You Results


BUT (that’s a big but)…


What eventually happened is something I see often. 


People get the result, whether it’s health and fitness related, business-related, or otherwise, then just stop.


They stop doing all the things that got them the desired result in the first place. 


Sure there are times you don’t have to do everything anymore because your objectives shift, but the work still has to be done somewhere. 


Something I’ve learned over the years is there is never really an “end” to achievement. And when we begin to think that way, it’s incredibly easy to let the old habits…the ones that caused the strife in the first place…to slowly creep back in.


When I see people make amazing transformations, then a few years later I see them in the same shape I first found them, it’s never an off the rails type of thing.


They go from 5 workouts a week to 4, then 3, then a few every other week. 


They go from preparing most of their meals at home to preparing some to dine out more often than not. 

They go from sporadic alcohol consumption and passing on it when it doesn’t serve them, to every weekend, to a few nights a week. 


It’s the gradual degradation that can get us all if we’re not vigilant.


The same can be applied to the business world as well. We’re connecting, we’re making extra phone calls, we’re utilizing social media to its fullest, and we watch our business grow.


We finally begin to hit the income level we desire, then we let our foot off the pedal. 


We don’t have to go full bore all the time, but we start letting those things that got us there go by the wayside, then sit around with our thumbs up our asses wondering where all the business went.


If something is working, if something is adding to the quality of your existence, KEEP DOING IT! Don’t stop because you achieved one thing. Imagine what else you can accomplish by continuing those habits👊🏽


Aaannnddd GO❗️


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