5 Free Things You Can Do Right Now To Drum Up Some Sales

Posted on January 20, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Sometimes, we simply forget to do the things we know to do. We get so busy doing our day-to-day activities that we abandon the actions that got us business and busy in the first place. The thing is, actions create reactions. If you’re not taking action, you’re not soliciting a reaction.

I’ll remind you of some actions you can take to drum up some immediate business no matter how many deals you currently have in your pipeline. I mean, who are we kidding? We can always use more deals in our pipeline. We’re in sales. There’s never enough.

Here are Five Free Things You Can Do Right Now to Drum Up Sales:

#1: Email Your Existing Prospect List

You have a database of prospects and current clients. When’s the last time you emailed them something of value paired with a call to action? I email my lists daily. If you’re not staying in front of your audience, they will forget you. We live in the attention economy. Get all you can.

It’s your job to remind your audience you’re open and available for business. On average, only 15 percent of emails get read, so it’s a good idea to email often. At least, send emails out once a week. It costs you nothing to copy and paste a few emails into a message. Warning: don’t spam. I’m not suggesting you spam. Make sure you only email people who have given you permission to email.

#2: Call Past Clients and Ask for Referrals

The vast majority of salespeople fail to ask for referrals, mostly because they know they didn’t earn the right to ask. For those of us who do earn the right to ask, ask! Prospects don’t automatically give you names of people to call and sell your stuff to. You have to earn and ask for referrals.

Call your past clients who were 100 percent satisfied with your services. Ask them how they are enjoying the product. Ask them if they need help or have questions for you. Ask them for referrals. It’s real easy to do, so just do it!

#3: Call Clients of Salespeople Who No Longer Work with You

At first, this may feel shady, but if your colleagues no longer work for the company and the company owns the book of business, you’d be a fool not to get your shovel and run into this goldmine. You don’t even have to let them know the other guy is gone. Just call and say you’re from another department, here to help.

Chances are, most of the prospects bought due to the company and the brand, rather than the actual salesman. Besides, the other guy that quit or got fired…well, they might be gone for a good reason. He or she may also have skipped over a ton of awesome leads who are just waiting to throw their credit cards at you.

#4: Network Through Social Media

The days of driving to a meeting, wasting gas, buying lunch and making small talk for an hour are over. Thanks to social media, you can network with 10 people online in half the time it takes to network with one offline. If you’re not spending a portion of your day getting active on pages and in groups, you’re missing out on some solid networking opportunities.

Reaching out to people on Facebook and other sites doesn’t have to be creepy. Act the exact same way when you’re networking on social media as you would if you were to attend a cocktail party or charity function. Be interested, interesting and professional. If you’ve earned the right to do so, ask for the business. But only do this if you’ve provided enough value to ask. Treat online business EXACTLY like offline.

#5: Reach Out to Referral Sources

When I sold cars and it was slow, I’d cold call insurance agents to see how I could help people making claims on crashed cars. I reached out to the top 100 insurance agencies and spoke to many agents. I’d offer to train them on social media marketing in exchange for sending me people who had totaled cars. Insurance agents were excellent sources of referrals for me.

What referral sources are you not chasing? There are plenty of people in your market who need your services. There are plenty of other people who sell to those people. Find them. Close them. Get referrals from them.

If you’re ready to invest in your personal success and you’d like to find out about the programs we have developed especially for you, simply head over to www.HardcoreCloser.com/tribe and we’ll have a sales conversation about your future.

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