How To Earn F U Money In Sales

Posted on August 14, 2016

Ryan Stewman



You didn’t get into sales to struggle. You got into sales so you can make an ass-load of money. Thirty-thousand dollar per year, salary jobs are a dime a dozen. Hell, even the bottom feeders want minimum wage raised to 15 dollars. You got into sales because you know you can write your own check and the bank account it draws from is unlimited. You’re lookin’ for that “F U Money.” We all are.

I got my first taste of FU money in 2005. It was easy for me to come out, leading the pack, when ALL of the other salespeople lacked one HUGE quality that’s needed to to make FU money in sales. The ability to earn the right to follow up. Most statistics you hear are BS, so I’m not gonna insult you by throwing fake numbers out, just know the LARGE MAJORITY of salespeople give up after the first attempt.

In the modern marketplace, the one-call-close is becoming less and less the norm. People want to research. People want to know their options. People want to make an informed buying decision. It’s your job as a salesman to follow up with them until they are ready to make that buying decision.

Problem is, most of you don’t.

Why don’t salespeople follow up?

There’s plenty of speculation about this the lack of follow up from members of the sales community. I’m gonna give it to you straight, without any sugarcoating. Salespeople don’t follow up because they haven’t earned the right to do so. When the salesperson knows they brought ZERO VALUE to the prospect’s life, they don’t follow up because they know they aren’t welcome.

How do you earn the right to follow up?

It’s a question many have asked, yet few can answer. I can tell you easily. You earn the right to follow up by adding value to the prospect. If you get a true objection you can’t overcome, you need to close them on the follow up. Give them an incentive so you are allowed to follow up.

In my sales training business, I teach my team to follow up using a results-in-advance technique that trains the prospect to love when we follow up with them. Our process is simple. We give then ask. Give, then ask. Give, then ask. Until they give us the business.

A sales conversation with one of my trained sales staff might go like this:

Prospect: I’m not able to buy today due to XYZ excuse, but I’m def interested and going to do XYZ BS stall tactic (I’m improvising of course.)

Sales Staff: Hey, I completely understand. What I’m gonna do is send you an email with two videos and a sales script. Watch the videos, do what they say and I’ll call you in four days to see if you’ve made any additional sales from our free stuff. I’m here to help you win, man.

The above strategy has made me millions in eLearning sales, and I used a similar strategy with my referral partners back in my mortgage hay days. Give, then ask. Give, then ask. In the above scenario the “ask” was the follow up of accountability. We keep asking to follow up until we’ve earned the right to their business.

I call this technique Permission Based Sales or PBS for short. PBS is the best sales strategy you can deploy, because it’s based on FU money. The follow up. With PBS, you continually ask for permission to follow up until you no longer have to. When that happens, then you switch the “ask” to inquiring for referrals!

You’re in sales to get leads and close them. Don’t let the lack of value you brought to the meeting keep you from following up. The FU money comes after you’ve spoken to a prospect eight times on average. My PBS follow up system usually cuts that time in half to four contacts before the close.

If you’d like to know more about PBS and making FU money from following up the right way, the cool way, the way you need to execute to close sales and get paid, click the banner below and check out the PBS training program I’ve recently created. I’ll teach you how to get prospects to fall in love with your follow up!



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