Every Problem Has a Solution [Video]

Posted on January 02, 2018

Ryan Stewman



The other day, I found myself in a situation where I was completely frustrated and I’d had enough of the BS I was dealing with. I talked to one of my business partners and he gave me some serious insight that allowed me to start thinking of things from an entirely different perspective.

After we spoke, I asked myself the following questions and had these thoughts:

If there’s always a solution, why do I get so mad when problems arise?

Why is my first move always to retaliate?

Why isn’t my first move to immediately start finding the solution?

It’s either getting out of my comfort zone that gets me mad or it’s the distraction and interruption of my flow.

I need to focus on finding solutions and not on fighting problems.

I’m too comfortable. Even my workouts are routine now. I need to find more problems so I can find more money.

I need to challenge myself in 2018 to be more patient with people. I need to love people.

I’ve fallen into some narcissistic ways and I need to move toward loving and giving, not being mad and upset that my flow has been interrupted.

So, how can I get uncomfortable?

Run even more
Work harder at home
Sleep less
Face fears (heights)
Stop smoking as much weed
No drinking

Being in a state of discomfort will force me to get better at problem-solving.

I get mad at others for interrupting my plans. I need to come to expect it and focus on solutions.

If you’re stuck focusing on problems, you’ll never find a solution. I’m making the switch and I encourage you to switch your thinking, too. When you change your mind, you change your life. For help changing your life, grab a free copy of my book by clicking the image below the video. Be sure to share this on social media.

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