Expired Listing and For Sale By owner Script

Have your licensed assistant call with this:

“Hello sir, I’m Lindsay with NAR. I’d like to ask you to answer 6 simple questions about your experience with one of our Realtors. Would you be willing to answer a few short questions?


I noticed your home is off the market did you sell it?
 [let them answer]
Why do you believe it didn’t sell?
 [let them answer]
Do you think the Agent did a good job representing your home?
 [let them answer]
What do you think could be done in order to sell your home?
 [let them answer]
Are you thinking of attempting to sell again?
 [let them answer]
Will you consider using another, more experienced agent in the future?
 [let them answer]
Great thank you for you time today, BTW as a member of NAR, would you like me to recommend an expert, certified selling agent in your area?
 [let them answer]
Great I’ll be sure to pass your info along to them”

You [the agent] call back the next day with this 

“Hi there it’s Ryan with the real estate company, Lindsay with NAR reached out to me specifically and told me of your frustrations with your past agent. I’d like to help you solve those problems if you’re open to hearing how I can help?”


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