Rock Star Closer Radio: Facebook Marketing for Realtors with Virginia Munden

Posted on July 11, 2012

Ryan Stewman



After 15 months of being live on the air, I finally got the courage to ask a woman to join our cause. I picked THE BEST to be our first. Virginia Munden of Remax is everything you wish you could be, when it comes to real estate and social media. Virginia is the coolest person on facebook, and her real estate team does hundreds transactions just from facebook marketing for their real estate biz. She talks about not only how facebook has increased her GCI by over 200k, but how it saves her about 50k in ad money each year as well. Facebook marketing for realtors is alive and well. If you are a realtor, and not using facebook to market property you have to other agents, you are leaving a lot of meat on the plate (so to speak) If you are not using facebook in your real estate biz, or are thinking about incorporating it, this is the show to listen to. 

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