Facebook Mobile App Update with Chatting Heads

Posted on April 16, 2013

Ryan Stewman



New FB mobileOn Tuesday April 16 2013 facebook corporate announced a cool new update for the mobile facebook app. The new features are similar to what you can expect from facebook’s new android platform called “Home”.

Facebook mobile has now advanced to the point where mobile is better and easier to use than the desktop version. One of the coolest new features is the “chatting head” feature. Anytime someone sends you a message on fb you see their profile pic floating on the page like the pickle was on 4/1/13 on /r/trees. This helps users put a face with a message. More importantly this is the first small step in video chat becoming the next big communication platform.

All you have to do to ge this new update is hit the app store up and search for the facebook app. If you already have fb on your phone just hit “update” This will enable all the new features.   The new dynamic view is nice too. The images have more depth to them. One thing I have noticed is that when you tag someone in your post the name now appears in blod black vs the traditional blue hyperlink we are used to seeing.

The last feature I noticed about the update was the different lists you can choose to see while you are browsing. You can see the traditional newsfeed, your friends that are online posts only or a special list you may have created or follow. This should increase the amount of engagement and interaction you get from your target users/friends. So head to the app store now and get the latest version on facebook mobile. You will love it!  

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