Find out who is reading your facebook messages and group posts

Posted on November 27, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever sent someone a private facebook message and they never replied? Of course you have. We all have. We all wonder if they even got it, or if they read it and ignored it. Now you can easily find out who is reading your facebook messages and group posts. Facebook has secretly integrated it’s “read checkmark program” It works similar to Microsoft Outlooks “read receipts” option. Any time someone has actually opened and glanced at your facebook private email, facebook leaves a check mark at the very bottom of the email verifying that they saw it.

When you post in a facebook group the same thing happens. Facebook tells you not only how many people saw it, but exactly who saw it as well. All you have to do is click on the bottom of the post where it displays the number of people who saw it.

Two very important things you need to know about this function:

Thing number 1: If you read a facebook message, chances are that person will know you saw it. It is always rude to ignore people [unless they are an asshole, then it’s perfectly fine] and you never want to appear like you are blowing someone off. If you do see a message, take a few quick seconds and reply to the message and move on. If you have to say “I can’t look at this now, but I will get back to you.” then do just that.

Thing number 2: If you are sending messages, even blast messages, you can see who has read them. This allows you to follow up with those who have read them. This also allows you to re-send what you need, back to the people who did not get a chance to view it yet. This is a great tool for us that talk to a lot of people via facebook messages. From this point on, YOU WILL return facebook messages or you just better not even open them until you have the time to actually read them. Facebook is the new email, text and phone all combined. They even have live video chat that is 10x’s better than skype.  Also from this point on, you will know who is reading your facebook messages and your group posts. They can’t hide from us forever [stalker style] I made this quick video to show you want to look for and how it works. Be sure to share this with all your peeps so they know what’s up too. We got to protect those in our sphere ;-)

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