Five Steps To Quickly Building a Sales Pipeline From Scratch

Posted on September 02, 2015

Ryan Stewman



Ever been in a situation where you’ve taken a new job, selling a new product and you’re running out of cash by the minute? You’ve got to make a sale to pay your rent/car/phone bill but you’re brand spanking new. You’ve got to build a pipeline and start closing sales soon or you’re gonna have to go get a “real job” somewhere.

Unfortunately I’ve been there more than once. There’s been a few times I’ve switched industries. From cars, to mortgages, to doing what I do now. Each time I made the change, I had to bust my a$$ to build a quick pipeline and get some sales under my belt.

Seems like the salesman in us, always loves a challenge that has a big potential pay off. Because of this, we take risks with our families and well being in new industries for a chance of success. With all BS aside, all that really matters on day one, is if you closed a sale or not.

From the experiences of starting a sales pipeline over from scratch, two or three times over the years, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve personally done, as well as what I consult my newer clients to do.  I’ve found that you can get up and closing, in pretty much any sales job with these 5 steps.

Disclaimer: I’ve ONLY used these exact steps MYSELF in Direct Sales, Online Sales, Car Sales, Mortgage Origination, House Flipping and Roofing. In other words these steps have been proven effective across multiple industries, selling multiple products. They’re proven.

Step 1: Send Out A Blast Email

Now, I’m not talking spam here. I’m not saying you should go buy a list and email it. There are several “cool” ways to send a blast email out and not look like you’re desperate for business to everyone who reads it. I’m talking about emailing people who actually might read and take action on the email.

Here’s a list of what NOT to put in the email

  • Why you changed jobs.
  • Why the new company is better
  • Why you need to make sales

This an email you’re sending out to your existing contacts letting them know you’re in a new place and how you can benefit them and possibly someone they know. BE SURE to follow up on all the “congrats” emails and treat every response as if it’s a hot lead!

If you don’t have an existing email list to mail to, ask the new company if they have one you can mail OR you can buy interests from like mail chimp and other services. Please avoid spamming people at all costs. It’s bad for biz.

Step 2: Make Videos

I don’t care if you’re scared of making videos. You’re in a dire situation, you need to take drastic action. Don’t make videos about you, who you are, or why you’re the best. No one really cares about that. It’s telling, not selling. Videos are powerful ways to communicate, make sure you’re sending the right message.

In these videos, show off the products and how they work. Use these videos as demos of what they can expect. Recording happy past clients for testimonial videos, works really well too. Make the video about solving the problem of the prospect, not you.

Step 3: Social Media

This is where you can start mixing it up. You can share your videos with your social media sphere. You can even email the list asking them to connect with you on Facebook or wherever you’re active. Everyone has an audience online, it’s just a matter of getting your message out to them.

There’s an unlimited number of angles to prospect with on social media. I’d recommend running through your contacts lists and message your video to the people you think can most benefit from what you sell. You can find fan pages of your competitors and hit their commenters up as well. Especially the people who give bad reviews!

Step 4: Online Forums

Big social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin have groups you can join. Groups are forums of people who all share a common interest. You can easily do a search online for groups that would have your prospects in there. If you sell cars, there are car enthusiast groups. If you sell real estate, garage sale groups are awesome.

Getting involved and active in groups is huge. You’ll meet new people who actually want what you have. Just like any other relationship or sale, don’t ask for the business until you’ve earned the right to do so. Contribute to these groups, prove you’re the authority.

Step 5: Advertising Online

Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google allow you to advertise in front of 1000s of potential prospects for just a few bucks a day. You can literally set up a $5/day campaign that will get you leads, if you do it right. Even running traffic to your new video can pay off.

Instead of door knocking, cold calling, mailing, spamming and all the other stuff salespeople usually resort to (hence the bad rep for some of us) is no where near as effective or cheap as online advertising. You could be wasting your time staying busy, or let $5/day or more be busy for you, so you can be there to make sales.

It’s not always fun and games like we plan, when it comes to starting a new sales job. Our spouses can complain, we can lose confidence and really start to doubt our decision. The fastest way to get over that and gain confidence is to make sales. The fastest way to make sales is to do the above 5 steps to get leads in the door.

Now get out there, follow these 5 steps and get some sales under your belt, so you can get back to living the life again! You can always fill out the form below if you’re ready to invest in yourself and get my personal help too.

Listen To The THC Podcast Episode 4 “Build A Sales Pipeline Fast In 5 Simple Steps:

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