Forget Coronavirus: This Is The Real Virus

Posted on March 24, 2020

Ryan Stewman



You start to sweat. Your temperature rises. You can’t swallow. You can’t breathe. These are all symptoms of a massive virus that is plaguing the world today with unprecedented vigor. I’m not talking about the Coronavirus. I’m talking about the virus of fear.


It’s got to stop.


I went to Walmart yesterday. I never imagined I would see the day that the biggest retailer on the planet would have aisle after aisle of empty shelves. The paper goods, gone. The antibacterial soaps and cleaners wiped out. The water bottles, nowhere to be found.


As I was loading groceries and leaving, I also overheard a poor woman saying that she has been to every store in town looking for the formula for her baby, only to be met again and again with more empty shelves, and my heart was broken for her. I wish I knew what to do to help her.

I haven’t really been in the stores much since all the panic broke out.  I’ll be honest, seeing this firsthand kind of sparked a bit of anxiety within me, because I realized that crap is getting real.


I got home and turned on the news, and some expert on CNBC was throwing out potential statistics we may be facing in very short order. He said to expect 1000 deaths a day and another news source said could easily lose 5-7 million people by the time this blows over.

My mind started to wander to dark places. For the first time since all this broke out, I started to feel real fear. I started to feel panic. I started to go through “what if” scenarios in my head.


Then I had to take a moment to reel myself in and evaluate my thinking. These are scary, uncertain times. But we all need to realize that if we succumb to all the fear-mongering running rampant today, then we are only becoming part of the problem, rather than the solution.


Did you know that harboring fear can actually put your health at more risk? Fear creates a chemical reaction in your body that creates acidity. An acidic environment is literally a breeding ground for disease.


So by wallowing in fear you are not only inviting the very infection, you fear into your life, but you are basically giving it permission to live with you, wear your pajamas, use your toothbrush and do whatever it wants to with you.

Forget Coronavirus: This Is The Real Virus

The scariest part about the virus of fear is that it has the potential to penetrate and destroy the ability to see clearly.  The longer you give hold to its power and let it cloud your judgment, the more likely you are to become a victim of statistics rather than a victor over your circumstance.


The best thing you can do right now is to get yourself and your family as prepared as you can and then focus on doing things to improve your mental state, your frame of mind, and your physical health.


The news wants you to focus on everything bad and negative in the world. As of March 15, 2020, there have been 167,757 reported cases. All we seem to hear about is the 6,456 people who have died. I don’t see them spending any time talking about the 76,598 people who have beat the virus and recovered.


Living by the G-code right now is more important than ever. It teaches us to focus on things we are grateful for every day, rather than focusing on the bad things that happen. Focusing on gratitude rewires your brain and eliminates those toxic acidic chemicals in your body.


Everything about the G-code is meant to strengthen your mind and body in a way to fight everything the Force of Average could possibly throw your way. This virus of fear is just another FOA attack meant to cripple you and keep you from pressing forward toward your ultimate potential.


If it comes to a point where you end up being quarantined, find things you can be grateful for. You can be grateful that you get to spend more time connecting with your spouse and kids.

You can be grateful to have more time to read or write or get some projects done you have been putting off. Do some exercise, learn a new skill. Cook and eat meals together as a family.

The impact of this pandemic can be minimized if we all do our part. What you focus on will take hold of you. Focus on the good. Focus on gratitude. Focus on faith.


Coronavirus is one thing.  But it’s up to us to inoculate ourselves against the more debilitating virus of fear. No matter what happens, don’t let the hype and panic take hold of you.


We will beat this. We will overcome it. But it’s up to us.

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