Generating A Million Dollars: Can You Do It?

Posted on September 24, 2019

Ryan Stewman



By Drewbie Wilson

If you want to generate $1 million per year, based on a 40-hour workweek, 50 weeks a year, you will need to create $500 an hour.

Does that seem possible to you?

You’re probably looking at the screen right now saying… “HOW THE EFF AM I SUPPOSED TO GENERATE $500 AN HOUR, DREWBIE?!?!?!”

Well, I am going to tell you…

Let’s say you’re in sales. Most people reading this blog are… The path to hitting a million means breaking down your numbers into manageable chunks.  If your average deal is $50, you need 10 deals an hour to hit your $500 goal. Perhaps each deal averages $1000? In that case, you only need to close 1 deal every 2 hours.

You NEED to know the numbers.

So, do the math and figure out what your hourly goal is.

The next thing you need to know is how many prospects you need to speak with to close enough deals to hit your quota.

This is your closing rate.

It’s an important variable to understand because it isn’t a static number. Some days you will be firing on all cylinders and closing deals LIKE A BOSS! Then you’re going to go through what every salesperson endures and hit a slump. Hell, you might even go 2-3 days without a sale. This happens even to the best salespeople at some point in their careers.

Hold yourself accountable to hitting those numbers EVERY DAY! The more you look at the BIG number of $1 MILLION, the more overwhelming it will seem. Focus on hitting the smaller goals.

When you start seeing the goal as making 10 calls per hour instead, you will understand how much easier the goal is to attain.

One way to make sure you are staying accountable is by creating a structured routine for your day.

Here’s the routine I follow:

  • Set up your mornings around tasks that do not require anyone to be involved. (Send emails, follow-ups, appointment reminders for the day, etc.)
  • Follow a process for working your leads. (Scheduled appointments first, followed by newest to oldest leads, and then if needed, cold calling/door knocking.)
  • Focus on the task at hand and avoid “multi-tasking.”
  • Eat a healthy lunch. Greasy fried foods make you feel good, until an hour or so later when your body redirects your energy to the gut instead of the brain.
  • Have a set of affirmations or a routine in place before starting your day.

Remember, building confidence before your sales presentation will give you the power to close more deals. Amp yourself up, then use these 5 steps in combination with the goals you have established from above and start the countdown to $1,000,000. Remind yourself that you are a badass closer who is capable of accomplishing anything.


If you’d like help increasing the number of leads you generate or your ability to close more deals, head over to to get started.

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