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Posted on October 28, 2019

Drewbie Wilson



By Drewbie Wilson

How many skeletons are in your closet when it comes to wasted opportunity?

According to our good friends over at Google, the average American will change careers an average of 10-15 times in their life. On top of that, approximately 30% of the workforce will change jobs every 12 months!

That is a lot of time spent learning how to navigate the new systems and processes of these companies. If you’re a business owner with staff, you probably have a good idea of how much time and effort goes into training the new people as they come in.

We all know someone who has racked up more jobs than we can keep count of.  In the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to watch many different employees come through the doors of many different industries and then go right back out a few months later.

What makes them go through this cycle?

Let’s be honest here… Sales is NOT the easiest job in the world. Between the rejection and the learning curve typically being extremely short, it can be tricky to jump right into any commission job and be successful.

Most of the new job training I’ve received has been “Here is the system. Here is the basic break down of what we sell. Here is how you write up the deal, now go close some sales…”  This kind of thing can really chew up someone with a great attitude and spit them out hardened with multiple addictions, and a take-no-shit demeanor.  It makes you wonder why so many of us choose this life.

The truth is, we know EXACTLY how much we can potentially make at each of these positions when we take them.

When we go to an interview, we let the managers sell us on the opportunity.

They tell us about the work environment, the camaraderie and the fat bonuses that come rolling in when you do well. You see stars and your mouth waters as you start tasting the steak and lobster dinners you will be enjoying in no time. They tell you it’s going to take work, but by now you’re so blinded by the potential you don’t take stock of these words.

So, you show up giddy and ready to sell your heart out.

For a few of you, it really doesn’t matter what you sell; you have a way of building quick rapport with customers and remember enough information about the product or service to move the person successfully from prospect to paying client.

Be grateful for that ability.

Most of us weren’t blessed with it and have to struggle through those first few weeks with a sales script and a stack of post-it notes filled with scribbles about this product or that one. A small handful will get the basics and make it through the 90-day probational period and go on to make a living wage. The rest will go through the vicious cycle of going out to find a new job and starting the process all over.

How do you know when you’ve found the right job?

Not every job will be for you but do yourself the favor of showing up and giving it your all every day. Even if you find out after a few months that things just aren’t working, you can feel good about knowing you did everything in your power to be successful there.

Many people will never get the opportunities you keep throwing away because you aren’t feeling it—because you don’t really agree with what you’re doing or selling—but it pays the bills.

So, you keep showing up and giving it a mediocre effort. STOP IT!

If you’re not going to show up and give it an honest effort, you don’t deserve the job anyway. However, if you know what you’re capable of and truly want to be more successful, a group of like-minded individuals would like to help. Head over to now and find out if you’re worthy of this next opportunity.


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