Good News! Linkedin Finally Enabled User Name Tagging

Posted on April 18, 2013

Ryan Stewman



LinkedinIt’s about time Linkedin got more social. I’ve been saying for over two years now that no one interacts on the newsfeed while they are surfing Linkedin. Since people generally don’t scroll the Li newsfeed, it makes it hard to get the right connections attention. This week that all stopped.
   On Tuesday 4-16-13 Linkedin add an update to their system that now allows you to tag your friends when you post. Much like facebook, all you have to do is capitalize the first letter of the person you want to tag’s name. This is a major breakthrough for the professional networking monster site.   We need more ways to engage on Linkedin. There are so many useful ways to utilize linkedin but the social element has always been weak at best. Now it appears as if the LI crew is working on making the site way more interactive. I wonder what they are planning on next? I hope it’s IM or a cool chat platform.   Many of the actions facebook has recently taken to improve their site has come from stuff linkedin has done successfully. Looks like linkedin is reciprocating with facebook. Linkedin may have been the last site to actually use this function. It already works on Google+ and twitter. It’s about time Li got on board.   So the next time you want to post on linkedin, you can grab more engagement by tagging the people who you want to see your posts. Just like everything else though, don’t spam or abuse it. Li is really strict on policy. You could lose your whole profile no q’s asked.   Here is a quick video I shot for you. I show you exactly how the new function works and how you can use it. Enjoy

Linkedin Finally Enabled User Name Tagging

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