Google+ Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Posted on July 30, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Google+ is really the best social media network around right now. The #1 reason it’s not as hot as facebook is easy to explain.

Remember when you had a myspace account and you added 1,000s of friends? Then, once you had put in hours of work adding friends, learning HTML, designing your page etc, facebook appeared and you had to start all over. That’s the only problem I see with Google+. Other than that, it’s the perfect social media platform and it integrates into everything we do online.

I believe it’s inevitable that google+ will take over facebook in time, as the most popular social media site. Because of that, I’m getting a head start on getting a good friend foundation built. Are you?

This video shows you some ways that you can integrate google+ into your marketing strategies. I’ll also show you how to search and connect with other professionals in the real estate niche.


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