ReWire 015: Nobody Pays To Watch A Train Wreck

Posted on April 12, 2018

Ryan Stewman



So, here’s the thing… No one pays to watch a train wreck.

Everyone will, in fact, watch a train wreck but very few (if any) are going to buy a ticket to watch it.

Ask yourself this question… Is what you’re doing online and in your life a train wreck?

If you are online (especially social media) or offline and you are talking shit and hating on others it is very unlikely people will want to do business with you because they’re thinking what if he acts/does the same way to me?

Nobody wants to do business with a complainer or a hater. Let’s keep it real.

Just because people are watching you doesn’t mean they’re going to associate with you or do business with you.

In this “Get Your Mind Right Podcast” episode, Ryan Stewman is going deep into how he was once a train wreck and how once he stopped being so, things exploded for you and the same can happen to you if you let it.

Nobody Pays To Watch A Train Wreck

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