ReWire 043: Are You Surrounded By Supporters Or Reporters?

Posted on May 22, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever asked yourself if you are surrounding yourself with supporters or reporters?

We are surrounded at all times by two types of people. The supporters and the reporters. 

The supporters are of course the people that have your back, they believe in you and they show their support in anything you are doing. 

The reporters are the people that are going around talking to your friends/family/etc and are saying negative things about you and what you are doing/trying to do. 

Part of human nature is trying to change the reporters to supporters and they is just a waste of time. Who needs people that are trying to bring you down?

In this “Get Your Mind Right” podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about why he spends his time and energy supporting the supporters and doesn’t waste a second on the reporters. 

Are You Surrounded By Supporters Or Reporters?

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