ReWire 075: Haters Want To Watch You Fall

Posted on July 07, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Haters are out there and they have their fingers crossed that they will get to see you fall. 

We spend our lives trying to sew together our success and every inch of the way we encounter someone that is trying to unravel what we’ve sewn together. 

The force of average has haters fooled to think that hating on you is what will get them ahead in their own lives. They are confused obviously. 

Haters want to watch you fall and they will try to pull you down themselves if that’s what its gonna take. 

Don’t let them. Stay so focused on success that you’re too busy working to even notice them hating. 

In this “Get Your Mind Right Podcast” episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about haters and what it is that fuels them with hate. 

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Haters Want To Watch You Fall

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