How Hard Are You Really Working? [Video]

Posted on August 07, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Everyone thinks they work hard, but the truth is there are two levels of hard work. More on that later…

I was coming home from a family road trip to Florida and I was listening to podcasts on the way. One of the podcasts had a segment in it where the guest mentioned something I thought was completely profound. The person being interviewed worked in the fitness world and he was talking about working out.

He said some people are training to maintain and some people are training for a competition.

He went on to talk about MMA fighters and boxers and how they take time off and do regular training but when there is a competition coming up they train a helluva lot harder. This got me to thinking about business. Some of you are out there trying to maintain while some others are out there to compete.

While there’s nothing wrong with maintaining, there are a lot more rewards in competing. If you’re working in sales you’d better be competitive or you’ll be left behind soon. Think about this, if you have a competition coming up every day, how much harder will you work than if you’re “just here so you don’t get fired.”

Check out this video, it’s an eye opener. And if you’d like more training like this simply join our mastermind at


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