Hardcore Closer’s Philosophy on Authentic Leadership

Posted on March 04, 2013

Ryan Stewman



These days one of the major items missing from our planet is Authentic Leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership. People have been mentally beat into a submissive state. That submissive state causes fear of authenticity and obedience. These two combined can be detrimental to the whole human race.   According to the innerwebs the definition of a leader is “a person who rules, guides, or inspires others; head” the only way to rule, guide and inspire is by example. The definition of a leader I want you to consider is “a person whose actions and words reflect the exact same results.”   These days we have WAY TOO MANY people doing one thing, yet telling “us” to do another. Unfortunately, what most leaders tell us we should do, they don’t do themselves. This causes a serious psychological feeling of deceit in us whether we know it or not. We lose respect for someone who does not practice what they preach. Matter of fact, we grow contempt for those that deceive us.   Look at what is happening all around us. The Pope quit his job. People are lashing out against Political “Leaders” in almost every country on Earth. The so-called “Leaders” of our planet are lying to our face and we know it. This causes great animosity and confusion among us. To the point that we look to blame someone. To the point that we feel absolutely helpless and stuck tolerating the leaders we have.  

Today I want to challenge you. I want to attempt to do my part as a Leader and inspire you to change the way you think and do life.

  If we can all agree that our planet is missing leadership, how easy would it be for you to fill the missing spots? Are you a leader? A real leader? Are you willing to make tough decisions for the betterment of your fellow-man (customer/employee) that may directly effect you and cause your demise? A real leader is not afraid of failing. Matter of fact a leader lives to fail. A leader learns from failing. You can’t be perfect. You can’t win every single time. As long as you participate and take risks, you will eventually win. Leaders fail, but never quit.   These days it’s easy to be a leader if you are original and authentic. The two go hand in hand. It’s hard to be original without being authentic and vice versa. People have respect and admiration for people who are themselves. Why? Because most people wish they could be themselves but instead they have a mask on. They are a person they wish they weren’t. Somewhere along their path of life they gave up on their dreams. When this personality type (which is everywhere) sees in you what they wish for themselves, this places you in an authority position within their conscious. Whether they know it or not.Authentic Leadership   One of the keys to demonstrating true, authentic leadership is by holding your ground. Many of us cave on our decisions due to social proof. Matter of fact, for every word you read here on this blog post, your mind is thinking three words. As you read this right now. You mind is making decisions with words 3:1 your mind to my word. Your mind is asking things like; “Is this real?” “Am I a leader?” “Is this guy Ryan Stewman full of shit?” “Do I believe any of this hokey crap?” I’m aware of these questions you may have. Hell, we all have ’em. It’s human nature. If you don’t have these thoughts you are a pure sheep!   You should question everything. The sources that you get your information from. The people who tell you what to do. Question everything. Authentic Leaders are not scared to stand up for what is right. They are not scared to be the one to take “one for the team” Respect and admiration are not a given. They are earned. You’ll find when you are authentic and original people see it, get it and follow it. Everyone (myself included) is looking to be led.

Can you be a leader?

You can but you must step aside from fear and obedience. You must put all self-interest aside in order to promote those you lead. You must lift others up and praise them in order to earn their praise. You must put yourself out there to be hated at the same time you are loved. Can you handle that?   Whatever it is you have inside you that you have been waiting to share with the world. Let it out. Quit pretending to be something you are not. Quit trying to please the masses. The masses suck! Fuck ’em. Focus on building your tribe. Your small group of people who you can trust. A tribe that respects and admires your authentic leadership. Give your tribe your undying loyalty and watch them pledge theirs back. I’d rather hang around 10 badasses than 100 cowards any day. You should feel the same.   Think about your everyday life.  If you are reading this, I can only assume you are in sales.  In sales we are always looking for “Leads”.  We attempt to find leads, convert leads and close leads.  The thing I never hear from salespeople is that they are a “Lead-er”.  Leads want to be led.  They want to make a decision.  They want to make their current state of need or pain go away with your product or services.  You have to be a “Lead-er” and get the leads to follow your lead.  [side note: how many times can I say “lead” and it mean something different? We will see]  LEAD them down a path of decision.  You hunt for Leads, therefore you are a Leader.  Pretty simple shit, but no one is out there saying it.   So instead of closing leads, stalking leads and doing other lead related activities that the normal person does, do something different.  Be a Lead-er.  Have the leads best interest in mind.  Lead the lead down the right path.  Love them and watch them love you back.  If you lead them correctly they will not only join your tribe, they will bring highly qualified people to you who will also want to join your tribe.  No bullshit folks, I’m living it.   If you want to know more about leadership, sales, marketing and many other action items you need to succeed in 2013 and beyond, fill out the short form below and let’s talk. We will talk on-on-one about your business and life. You can tell me anything and rest assured that I keep secrets. I’m a REAL Authentic Leader. I’m not scared to admit it and I dare anyone to try and prove differently. Let’s talk about how you can benefit from my expertise.  

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