Hashtag Marketing and Searching for Realtors and Loan Officers

Posted on June 25, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Ever #wonder #what #in #the #world the “#” sign does when people add it to words, or use it in front of jumbled phrases? It’s called a “hashtag” and you can use it to mark your place in social media land.   Using the # allows you to anchor your tweets, linkedin updates, pinterest pins and google + posts to any specific #subject. By adding the #in front of #words, you are positioning your comment or opinion on a subject in front of those who are most interested in it.

—>Side note: # does not work on facebook.   You can also use the # to search for subjects, items, trending topics and online conversations. A realtor can use the # to search and find other innovative #realtors who are using the # on social medias well. [Like minds go together…]   This video demonstrates how to connect with realtors in social media land, and to show you how to mark your spot there as well.

Hashtag Marketing



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