THC Podcast 001: What Separates A Salesperson From A Sales Closer

Posted on April 06, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Welcome to the inaugural episode for “The Hardcore Closer Podcast” hosted by Ryan Stewman. 

Ryan is the founder/CEO of the, a powerhouse in the sales industry.Over 100,000 closers a month from across the globe check out the free sales training updated almost daily from the

You are in the right place if you are an entrepreneur, professional salesperson, or coach/consultant that is looking to generate more leads, follow up like a boss, close prospects and create a raving fan base. 

In this episode the hardcore closer Ryan Stewman breaks down three differences between salespeople and sales closers. 

Which one are you?

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Episodes “Cliff Notes”:

The 3 Key Differences Between A Salesperson And A Sales Closer

Ryan dissects the three major differences between a salesperson and sales closer so you can you can easily find out exactly where you stand. 

Learn the three major differences, make tweaks in your game, and close more deals NOW. 

Tips For Being A Better Sales Closer

In addition to the key 3 differentiators between a salesperson and a sales closer, Ryan unleashes several powerful tips and insight to help you become a master sales closer. 

That is just a small taste of the value you can expect in this episode of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast”. 

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