THC Podcast 010: Do Not Blow Sales By Being Desperate

Posted on May 05, 2016

Ryan Stewman



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“The Hardcore Closer Podcast” is back with episode 10 with more in your face content to help you close more deals and make more dough.

It does not matter what you are selling, and where you are selling it, this podcast will help you sell more of it. A whole lot more of it.

In our 10th episode, your host Ryan Stewman is going to breakdown “sales desperation” and how your prospects can smell it from a mile away.

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Don’t Be Desperate For A Prospects Business

Let’s face it… Prospects (especially the good ones) do not want to work with a broke ass sales professional who reeks of desperation. Would you? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

The sales universe seems to work in mysterious ways. Have you ever noticed when you REALLY need a sale they seem a tad harder to come by, but when you are positioned to where you do not need one they just seem to pour in?

Funny how that works.

The reason that happens is when you really need a sale, is you are desperate and that shines through to your prospects just like your confidence does when you are full of that.

How Not To Appear Desperate For A Sale

The good news is in this episode Ryan Stewman will highlight the top 5 plain as day signals you need to avoid in order to not look and smell like a desperate ass sales person.

A prospect who is in the market for something more than a t-shirt or sneakers, if you reek of desperation you will get your ass shut down just like a dude that reeks of shit and trying to talk to a girl at the club.

Put into action what Ryan lays on you in this episode and avoid letting the reek of desperation be reeking all over you.

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