THC Podcast 013: How To Get Your Clients To Send You Everyone They Know

Posted on May 27, 2016

Ryan Stewman



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I mean, who doesn’t want prospects that already have a level of trust built with you? They close at a much higher ratio and in most cases will pay you ALL the money.

Catching your client while they are still flying high from the excitement of their new purchase is the best time to find out who they know that you can help. So, their referrals will be as happy as they are…RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT!

Getting high-quality referrals from your clients is the topic of episode thirteen of the hardest hitting sales podcast in the universe: the Hardcore Closer Podcast, hosted by Ryan Stewman.

How To Get Your Clients To Refer To You Everyone They Know

A referral from a client is one of the best sales opportunities for any Closer in any industry. The name of the game is to get your pipeline bulging with new prospects referred from your current clients.

Ryan Stewman has had insanely great success with referrals in multiple industries. From cars to homes to mortgages and now he’s dominating sales training.

In this episode, Ryan is going to reveal his super easy-to-follow system for asking for referrals from his clients and prospects.

The script is easy to memorize and simple enough to implement immediately.

Now, don’t sleep on it because it is simple. The simpler something is, the better it works, in most cases.

Check out this episode to start getting more referrals and close more deals!

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