THC Podcast 015: The Top 5 Personality Traits Of A Sales Closer

Posted on June 12, 2016

Ryan Stewman



The fact of the matter is this… Sales is not for everyone. Most people in sales are not closing any and they would make more money if they worked the same hours they are now, but at Denny’s.

Closers come in all shapes and sizes but in most cases they all share some common personality traits.

In this episode of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast”, your favorite closer Ryan Stewman is going to list and break down the top 5 personality traits of a stone cold closer.

The 5 Personality Traits Of A Professional Sales Closer

1. Being A Professional Listener

You have probably heard Ryan in the past say “he who talks the most, probably makes the least”.

Learn Ryan’s top tips for being a professional listener and how it will make you boat loads of cash money.

2. Friendly As A Box Of Kittens

The majority of sales you make will like it or not come from people you do not even know.

If you struggle with hitting it off with strangers and you are not a “people person” you are in for a long ride.

Learn in this episode how you can be “friendly as a box of kittens” and how doing so will help you rack up the sales.

3. Being A Fast Thinker

The ability to think on your feet and make decisions at the drop of a dime is a must if you are going to be a major player in the sales world.

Being prepared for every possible scenario when working with a prospect is massively valuable.

Get Ryan’s favorite tips to help you think faster on your feet in the heat of the close.

4. People Pleaser

Now don’t get it twisted. When Ryan refers to being a people pleaser he’s not talking about kissing ass.

Sales is about making people happy and doing so by selling them the correct solution for them.

Learn how to be a professional people pleaser and how to leverage this trait to close you more sales, today.

5. Thick Skinned

If you are not equipped with thick skin and can’t take the heat you have no business being in the kitchen.

Salespeople are notoriously shit on by many people and disliked by even more. The trick is to not let any of that negativity break your thick skin.

Get yourself some thick skin or be prepared to struggle in the world of sales.

Ryan has you covered and he gives you easy to follow tips and mindset shifts that will help make you skin bulletproof to all the negativity.

If You Are Not Born With These Traits You Will Need To Learn And Develop Them

One of these five personality traits is not greater than the other. They all roll together and are co-dependent on each other.

You can’t replace or substitute them either. The good news is if you are not born with any or all of these traits they can be learned and then implemented.

Most people are equipped with one or two of these traits and the people that are packing all five are the closers.

Are you a closer?

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