Here’s a Daily Workout Routine for Sales Pros on the Road…Ensure YOU Remain at Your Highest Capacity To Produce

Posted on October 01, 2017

Ryan Stewman



By Darren Casey

I’m about to share with you several methods to ensure you produce like a pro, whilst on the road. 

You’re a high-level closer. Yes, you’re on the road…this means you’re away from the environment already set up conveniently to ensure you PRODUCE consistently. 

When you’re on the road, especially regularly…high producers are way more sensitive to their normal environment being disturbed. 

WTF am I talking about?

Protecting and effectively “insuring” the producer—you. 

Your body, your physical and mental energy, your focus translates into you showing up as close to your highest-producing self, that you have access to in your “normal environment.”

So, here’s what you can do about it.

The “8 Methods For Optimal Performance” 

When I refer to “daily workout routine,” I’m referring to mental as well as physical routines. First up, we have to help you make this as convenient as possible, to reduce the potential “resistance” to implement this stuff regularly.

THIS MIGHT NOT (from first look) LOOK “SEXY.” 

But allow me to share with you, why you should even listen to what I’m suggesting.

What I’m about to share is from a collection of 18 years coaching those at the top. Frankly, THE most effective areas where the highest producers experience the BIGGEST IMPACT.

Million-dollar producers…not just per year, but per month and beyond.

Part 1

Let’s focus on just two areas that will give you the biggest impact. You’re on the road, and you require two things. Activity is one of them.

Before you say, “I don’t have time for this shit. I’ve got shit to do and shit,” consider for a moment, that 20-30 mins of activity can return 3 hours + in return over your day from higher levels of focus, energy, simply feeling good and raising your resistance to pressure and stress.

Consider that objection, closed.

Activity—that’s convenient.

That could mean, an exercise routine you can “knock out” super quick in your hotel room, or in the hotel gym, without having to think about WTF to do, learning how to use the equipment or even wasting time setting up.

I call this the Producer” — this is your “go-to routine to access high energy and focus and well as release those feel-good endorphins that ensure you not only feel great but access super confidence.

Here’s what the Producer looks like.

(Save this to your cell phone and use this when on the road).

Method is the other thing you require.

Method. Choose your intensity, Level 1 or 2.

Complete the reps on each exercise, in total, before you move onto next. Complete exercises 1 through 7 with as little rest as you can manage. At the end, rest for 60 seconds.

If you can’t hit the repetitions in full on an exercise without stopping, simply rest for 2-5 seconds, and continue on with 2-5 reps until you complete the repetitions prescribed, then move on to the next exercise. 

The goal is to simply get to the last exercise.

 photo b17abc6a-f3a9-46e5-8745-92f34966ee95.jpg

A “round” is complete when you’ve completed all 7 exercises and taken a 60-second rest = 1 round.

 The goal is to complete 2 rounds.

Alternate this, with a “brisk walk” the following day.

Alternate those 2 movements as follows over your week.

 photo 481ab84b-6bb2-4bb1-b6ec-e66931f76d17.jpg

Part 2

Managing Inflammation, stress and fatigue. 

Nearly everyone who is not experiencing their regular optimal capacity to produce will be experiencing inflammation, elevated and regular stress and fatigue, often contributed by convenient crappy food and drink, alcohol, lack of sleep, as well as, their environment and how they live, along with their priorities with their health including healthy relationships. (Phew, what a mouthful, right!)

So, the first step is to reduce this inflammation.


Hydrate 8-12 glasses of water per day. (Lemon water is even better!)

On the road, buy 2 x 2 liter bottles of water, and ensure you have consumed them both over the day. Having them with you ensures hydration is convenient…this is the biggest barrier to you being hydrated…not having what you need easily at hands-reach away. 

If you’re not doing this, everything else will not work. You’re going to feel hungry, eat crappy food and feel tired, lethargic and not deal with pressure well at all.

First, “Decompression: Creating and Protecting Personal Space.

Space to allow your mind, to wind down, switch off, de-stress. The cognitive load (brain power) from thinking and being “switched on” all day long takes its toll. You require space, to allow the “brain muscle” to recover and recharge. Skip this, and everything will suffer. You’ll accumulate so much pressure and overwhelm you won’t be able to think sharp and you’ll simply be an angry, stressed out version of you, who can’t produce shit for more than a few hours per day.

How? Protect your personal “switch off time.” Create non-negotiable time, where under no circumstances, are you reachable. Your cell phone goes off, your laptop is closed and you access a brain recharge. Now, I know this is the area where our people struggle. We’re kinda addicted to the “hustle and access” technology gives you. Let me tell you, that’s an illusion. Unless YOU put YOU first, you’re slowly ensuring your capacity to produce diminishes month after month.

Silence, time out, or even just walking outside without tech or noise could be a good idea. Strict time to switch off in an evening will serve you well, pre-sleep.


Sleep and decompression time, combined with hydration are the areas most sales pros SUCK AT THE MOST in terms of consistency. Right!

Sleep is the biggest cost to your capacity to produce. Nothing trumps the correlation between SLEEP and OUTPUT. Common sense, right (so why people still hustle 24/7 is crazy.)

Depending on what research you look at in relation to the amount of time required, let’s middle ball it to 7 hours per day.

Now, business owners, entrepreneurs and sales PROS are more likely to PRODUCE MORE over the typical week, have more pressure and stress and “be switched on” for long periods of time….then you’d agree that it makes sense for that higher output, to require higher periods of recovery.

So, align your non-negotiable time for you to switch off, decompress and set a TIME every day where you’re not contactable, align that with a regular sleep time, a regular 7 hours of recovery and quality “sleep” cycle each day and you’ll wake up on FIRE way more often.

I have not met one high performer yet, who is producing multimillions and even billions of dollars, who is hustling their faces off 24/7 whilst enjoying good health, fulfilling relationships, and a sense of sanity from enjoying space to create memories with their life.

Sure, you can “survive” on less, on 4 or 3  hours sleep, etc., but at huge costs. That schedule again is perceived by your body and mind as “stress.” Your body will try to compensate for the accumulated stress and fatigue by releasing adrenaline to keep going and BAM you’re getting adrenal fatigue and feel wiped out often. Like those afternoon energy pangs, where you can’t seem to keep your eyes open, and you crave a sleep, mid-afternoon.

Then you’re ALERT again late at night, and can’t seem to get a good night’s rest. Sound familiar?

Hence, the higher desire and consumption of sugar and caffeine to “pick you up.” Are you relating to this? This equals more belly fat, of course, and more inflammation.

Then you become familiar with what’s your “norm”… 10-20 percent at best, of your capacity to produce. Your current “norm” is simply the 10 percent of what you have AVAILABLE to you when you implement the advice above.

I mean, how would producing at 2 x what you do right now, simply take your output, from 10-20 percent to 20-40 percent?! Your bank account and time available to live more life would be transformed, right!

Test what works for you.

To finish off this article today, I’ve a question for you to process and consider…

“Did you realize a maximal time for a day’s optimal output of performance is just 2 hours!… and that’s performance at the highest levels! Just 2 hours at your HIGHEST output!

After that, we rapidly decline in what we are capable of.

So, it makes way more sense, to access this “2 hours of your highest potential” more often, right?

That will then raise your “baseline” levels for the rest of the day.


Darren Casey runs the Rapid Method program, with 18 years of success and over 20,000 hours of coaching sessions—supporting today’s busy businessmen, to overhaul their lifestyle to ensure they wake up and produce like a “man on fire” in all areas of life for the next decade.

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