High Powered Sales Made Simple [Video]

Posted on May 22, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Salespeople have an innate tendency to overcomplicate matters and confuse the f*ck out of prospects. When you talk too much, trying to impress the prospect, you confuse them and lead them on a path to indecision. 
The key to closing more sales is keeping things simple. 

While you, the salesperson, have vast knowledge about your product and what it does, the prospect only cares about a solution to their particular problem. Salespeople love to demonstrate their knowledge and dump a bunch of fancy feature facts on their prospects. Nobody wins when this happens.
Confused people don’t make decisions.
When the human genome was mapped, and the guys who did the mapping were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, their presentation took three whole minutes. If the greatest discovery in our lifetimes only took three minutes to explain and present, recognize, if you’re talking four minutes, you’re overcomplicating whatever you sell. 
Keep it simple. Keep getting paid. It’s really that easy.
In this video I’ll explain how to break your sales pitch down to it’s simplest form and use that simplicity to close prospects like a screen door on a windy day. 
All I ask is that you share this with your sales team, your sales manager and on social media with all your sales friends. They’ll thank you (and so will their prospects). 


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