Home Workout For The Busy Professional

Posted on July 23, 2020

Ryan Stewman



(DISCLAIMER: Please consult your physician before starting any new exercise program. This is not intended to treat or cure any illnesses, ailments, or injuries. These are exercises most people with no contraindications can perform to move towards a healthier lifestyle.)


Before the shenanigans of Covid19, finding time to workout was a chore.


Now with gyms still shut down or forcing people to mask up while exercising, many are not going back. 


One recent report showed a majority of people are either not planning to return to the gym at all, or will be waiting at least 6 months or more.


If it ain’t one thing, it’s your mother.


Anywho, this leaves a dilemma for a lot of people. Now, more than ever, it’s extremely important to take care of your personal health. 


Knowing many people suffered greatly from Covid19 due to comorbidities (previously underlying health conditions), this should serve as a wake-up call. 


No matter how much you’re out there hustling to make sales and grow your business, you better be hustling and making good choices about your health!


Luckily, your favorite friendly neighborhood Fitness Ninja is here to help. Whether you have the equipment or not, there is a myriad of things you can do at home to keep yourself in great shape. 


You need the discipline to do the work, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.


One more thing to note before we fully dive in. ANYTHING is better than nothing. 

Home Workout For The Busy Professional

Far too often I see people take no action because they think they need a full-blown plan with all the details laid out, otherwise, it’s pointless. 


What’s pointless is you doing nothing when you could be doing something. 


Even 20-30 minutes, 4X a week, can lead to vast improvements and can eventually motivate you to add more to the mix.


Now I’m going to give you some fundamental, basic moves that can be done anytime, anywhere. 


With intention behind it and pushing your limits, whatever they may be right now, these simple moves can have you well on your way to a happier, healthier existence.


One of the basic life movements, and the foundation of a large portion of other movements. Weighted or not, I firmly believe squats should be incorporated into every workout program (unless there are major contraindications).


Start standing straight up, then pretend like you’re going to sit in a chair. Except, there is no chair, so don’t fall! 


The goal is to get low enough that your hips are below your knees at the bottom, without pain. Return to the top and repeat.


Another movement I consider a basic life move. We should all be able to push ourselves up from the floor without assistance.


Start in the up position, hands about shoulder-width apart, and aligned with your mid-chest.


In a controlled manner, lower your body until at least your chest in below your elbows while maintaining a rigid body, then return to the up position. 


If you cannot perform these with good form, place your knees on the ground, then follow the directions as previously stated.


Yet again, a basic life move. Think of this as sitting up in bed in the morning (not rolling out of bed), and then doing it over and over and over again!


Begin by laying on the ground, knees slightly bent, arms across the chest, and hands-on shoulders.


Bring your body up and extend your elbows over your knees while still keeping your hands in contact with your shoulders, then return to the lying position.


No exercise list is ever complete without burpees!


Start from a standing position, arms overhead. Simultaneously drop your hands to the floor while jumping your feet back, making your body fully extended.


Allow your body to drop all the way to the floor with your chest on the ground. Then, while pushing back up with your arms, jump your feet back towards your hands, stand up, and jump at the top. 


Do this a whole bunch of times and make sure you smile, too:-)

Complete Home Workout

For a quick home workout, do 20 reps of each of the aforementioned moves in the order listed, and do that for 10-15 minutes, resting as needed. 


Throw in a short run (1/4 mile) at the end of each round to mix it up a little.


There are plenty of excuses to not workout and take care of your body regularly, but most of them are simply that, excuses. 


If you do what you can with what you have, and do it with intention and intensity, you will surely see results.


Aaannnddd GO!


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