How a Loan Officer Can Get Business From Real Estate Agents

Posted on August 23, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Every day someone asks me “Ryan, if you had no Agent contacts and were starting from scratch, what method would you use to get in front of producing Agents?” For me, the answer is simple: I’d show up at an open house and shoot video footage. That gets ’em every time. 

So this week, I hopped in the ol’ studio and made a video demonstrating and reenacting exactly what I would say and do if I were starting out trying to win the attention span of a good agent. It takes some BALLS to pull this off, but for those of you who dare try, you will win every time.

Agents are being told to use video every time they turn around. They are just not being told how to use it. They need help, guidance and a partner who can give them direction. That’s where you come in. Teach an Agent to fish…

Watch this hilarious, short, A.D.D. video that shows you exactly what to do to win an Agent over. This tactic has worked for ALL of my elite mastermind members and it is one of the fundamental tactics I teach to my group of Closers. If you know someone who would enjoy and implement this video be sure to share this or forward it to them. Don’t be stingy with information.  

 How a loan officer can get business from real estate agents


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