How Facebook Trolls Secretly Help Your Business

Posted on April 01, 2013

Ryan Stewman



For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed my friend from down under, Leela Cosgrove, bashing people on Facebook for being assholes. At first, I thought she was just taking things too personal. Then, one day, I saw her ad come into my Newsfeed. As I proceeded to read the comments I was shocked.   I had no idea people that are so sensitive about their Newsfeeds. I saw comments that were harsh to read, even for me. For no reason other than seeing a post on Facebook. It’s the damnedest thing. Folks were saying the most awful stuff to her and about her. They weren’t attacking Facebook. They were not mad at The Zuck. They were ripping her left and right for advertising.   A couple of weeks ago, I started running my own ad on Facebook. As I type this blog post, I’m up to 133 shares on the ad. All of the comments left on the post have been overwhelmingly positive as well. Until 3 days ago. I’ve only had a couple of comments from haters, but it has happened. *Well, as I went back to pull the comments from the troll into a screenshot for you, the comments were deleted. Not by me but by the commenter. So there is only one hater on my post as of now.*   Hc trolls


  If you stick your neck out, just know you are bound to get cut. People love to attack other people for no apparent reason at all. There are some really good benefits that you can reap from other’s hate on Facebook, if you do it right.   The very first rule you should know about Facebook is Have No Fear. Do not be afraid of the haters. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe. For the most part people are weak. They resent leadership due to their own weakness. At the same time, they also respect authority. Hate it or love it, leaders have authority. Do not limit yourself based on fear of what others might do or say.

Troll spray

  With fear removed from the equation, you can now focus on dealing with haters in the public eye. You can choose to bash them back. Talk smack to them. Thank them. Or whatever you do best and think your audience would appreciate. You cannot let it go unhandled, though. You must address it. I even go as far to like their comment and tell them thanks for the feedback.   Here is the best news about Facebook and trolls. Every time a troll comments on your post, especially if it is a sponsored post, their friends see a post that says “Troll Commented on Hardcore Closer’s post,” and it actually drives traffic your way. So even though they are talking smack, their friends see what you are posting and get a chance to look at who you are and what you have. In most cases, their friends probably can’t stand them either. lol.   Even if their friends start talking shit too, their friends now see your post. You can actually go viral from haters. Think about it, Justin Bieber did it. So next time you get some flack from folks on Facebook, handle it professionally, and show all of Facebook you have no fear. You will find that others respect for you grows as you “shake them haters off”   If your business is not to the level that people love or hate you yet, let’s talk. I’d like to spend 20-30 minutes on the phone with you discussing your business and how you can improve. There is no fee for the strategy session and if you like what you hear, there may be an offer to work with me. Fill out the form and let’s find out.  

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