How Much Of Your Soul Has Been Destroyed By Working In Sales?

Posted on February 21, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Working in sales isn’t easy. We have to have some thick @ss skin on a daily basis in order to make it. Dealing with the public is hard, but dealing with an uninformed public who doesn’t really care for you, is REALLY HARD. If you’ve been in sales for any period of time, you’ve seen a lot of folks come and go. I’ve seen dudes get excited that they started a new job on Monday, then say “f#ck this, I’m out of here” by Wednesday. 
People, prospects and customers, will often times treat us like dirt. They are so worried we will get over on them, that they have their guard up at all times. You know how it is: a person meets 50 great salespeople, but the minute he gets ripped off by one he hates us all. Yet, in reality, we are the ones who get screwed over every day. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the “I’ll be back tomorrow” lie, I’d have enough money to buy a private island.
Prospects Tell The Biggest Lies 
People go to church on Sunday and promise to never lie to anyone. But soon as they see a salesman, their faith goes out the window and lies like, “I’m gonna have to talk to my partner” come out of their mouth.  If you’ve worked in sales, you know the typical lies. You know the type of person who tells them, what they really mean when they say it, and if it’s even worth fighting their objection. As we all know, there’s some folks you just don’t even want as a client. 
How many times have you heard a prospect say, “I’m in. I’ve just got to [insert BS], and I’ll be back.” If you’re like me, the first few times I heard this lie, I believed them. I felt like an emotional wreck when I found out they completely BS’d me. “But Bob, I thought we had something. I thought you liked me and were going to buy my sh!t.” We can sound like a crazy ex-girlfriend when a prospect does us wrong. 
Over time, you get used to the usual activities of prospects. The lies. The “I’ll be backs”. The objections. The empty promises. After a while, you just get used to them. I assume that’s what a heart surgeon does too. At first, each surgery is precious and life changing. Then, after a while, you’re just there to work on hearts and do your job.
You Get Used To Being Lied To, Bashed, And Overworked 
Salespeople are often known for being heartless. But truth is, it’s the prospects that make us this way. Let’s get serious. Us salespeople are always on the lookout for lies, signs of empty promises, and any other irrational behavior that’s not acceptable in society, yet somehow ok to pull on a salesman. Some of the sh!t prospects do to us they wouldn’t do to their worst enemy.Yet, we take it in stride. 
Take a guy like me. I’ve been in sales for 20 years now. I’ve never had a salary job or taken a paid day off. I’ve heard just about every objection, lie, excuse, and empty promise there is. Nowadays, I’m looking for the slightest hint of BS and I’m on it like an attack dog. People say, “Damn man, you’re hardcore.” But it wasn’t always this way. You motherf#ckers did this to me!
How Callous Has Working In Sales Made You Towards The Public?
I used to be Mr Nice Guy. And then I sold mortgages. I’d get to look into people’s finances… All of them. A person’s finances tells their story; the real one. I’d ask questions up front like, “How much do you earn per month?” And, “What’s your estimated credit score?” The prospect would lie every time. Even on the simple questions, that I’m eventually going to find out the truth about. They were just so used to lying to salespeople, it felt natural, I guess. 
I got so used to being lied to on the phone, that I stopped asking questions about their finances. I would just ask them to send me paperwork. Sometimes they b!tched about having to do the work up front, but I would just explain that I don’t have time to give general answers. I want facts, on paper, and precise answers before I do anything. Why? Because it’s ok for them to lie to me about credit, but if I lied to them about rate? They could have sued my entire company. That’s how it works. 
You know exactly what I’m talking about. So here’s the deal. How much of your soul is left? Do you lie to your prospects in the same manor they lie to you in? Do you still care about your prospects? I still care, what I’ve done my best to accomplish, is to just avoid doing business with BS prospects all together. I’m not 100% successful at it, but I’m better than most. 
I Still Love My Prospects
I’m lucky. I switched from dealing with the public, to dealing with my own kind. You guys/gals have helped me regain my soul. When I talk to salespeople, they are the least likely to BS me because they know what it’s like. They usually don’t lie either, they’re used to being honest. You have to be honest in sales or some sue happy prospect will get you.
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