How To Appear Online 24/7 With Only A Few Hours Per Week

Posted on November 03, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Let’s face it… Social media can take up WAY more time than it should.

The problem is that most businesses and consumers have had to pivot to social media for exposure. This means more and more time spent on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to name a few. With as many platforms that exist, it can be hard to make sure you utilize them all effectively and efficiently. You have to avoid getting sucked down the rabbit hole of distractions.

The hardest part about using social media as a tool is avoiding the common pitfalls most people fall into like comment wars, watching silly videos, or becoming engaged in an argument with someone over their views or beliefs. With as many ads and distractions as we come across in a typical day, somewhere in the four to five thousand range, it’s easy to understand how it can happen. You click through one post, then another, and another, suddenly you look up, and it’s been 45 minutes, and you’ve gotten nothing productive accomplished literally!

So how do you manage to appear online 24/7 without getting sucked into these time sinks?

#1 – Download, News Feed Eradicator tool for chrome.

The News Feed Eradicator tool is an extension you can add to your chrome browser, which will remove your Facebook timeline and replace it with a motivational quote. Granted, this ONLY works on the P.C.; it can still be a valuable tool in maintaining your focus. Remember, the focus is your superpower, and if you allow yourself to be distracted by your news feed and the posts therein, you’ll be doomed from the start.

When you plan to log in to ANY of your social media profiles, plan to do so with intention.


Mindless scrolling isn’t going to make you money. If you’re going to scroll anything, work through your targeted Facebook groups or engage with your Dream 25 list by sending them a D.M., Commenting on one of their posts, or leaving a post of your own on their timeline.

#2 – Create A Schedule For Your Content And Posts.

When you have a plan of attack for your online presence, there will be less chance you deviate. The first step is to know which platforms your audience spends the most time on so you can focus your time there as well. If you wanted to sell something like lawn care, you wouldn’t look for new clients in the desert… Think about who your target audience is and where you have the best chance of staying in front of them. Once you know which social media platform will be the best location, you need to understand what sort of content will get the most engagement. Long-Form story style posts and imagery work well on Facebook and Instagram. Same for live video. On LinkedIn, however, their platform is made more for the sharing of blogs, vlogs, and other techy type articles that link to other places. Facebook hates it when you link off their platform, so be strategic about the content you are using for each of the platforms you are on.

Once you know what content to post, you need to create a schedule for when you post it. Pick a theme, and a routine for your content, kind of like a television channel. If prospects get a feel for your content and what to expect, you have a better chance of keeping their attention long term.

If you know what YOU will be posting on what days, you’ll spend less time scrambling for content ideas, which will allow you to remain efficient with your time when on the platforms.

#3 Create and Curate Your Content One Day A Week.

That’s right, with proper planning, you should be able to create and curate ALL of your content in just a few concentrated hours one day a week. Personally, I like to use Sundays for this process. I lock myself in my home office, and within 4 hours, I can have scheduled daily content across multiple groups I admin on Facebook, new blogs written, and a slew of other short and long-form posts pre-written for the week. That way, on Wednesday at 5 pm, you’re not scrambling to come up with a piece of content.

Plan, have your content ready to go, know what days you are going to post which pieces were, and get yourself set up for success. Follow your content calendar and remain consistent.

When everyone asks how you manage to stay online 24/7 while running a business, taking care of family, and still staying fit, you’ll know the real secret… It’s all done with careful planning and just a few hours each week!

If you want the rest of the secrets to dominating the online space with your business, head over to, and discover the tactics and strategies you need.

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