How To Attract High Paying Clients Without High Cost Advertising

Posted on January 12, 2021

Drewbie Wilson



Let’s just lay it all out on the line here…

We all want to get paid more by clients while paying less to acquire them. That’s one of the keys to creating a business with any longevity. You have to learn how to bring in new clients willing to pay you for your time. As your spare time starts to diminish, the value of that time will begin to rise exponentially.

So how do you get more people to come in and pay a higher premium for your service without having to spend tons of money to make it happen?

Most marketers and agencies would probably tell you that you need to spend more, test more, and try new offers. To keep refining the marketing plan and finding the best ads for scalability. That’s what they get paid for, though, building new campaigns and proving their worth to you by showing you their metrics.

This blog isn’t about paid advertising. This blog is about attracting high paying clients WITHOUT high-cost advertising.

The best way to get started with this process comes back to getting very clear on YOU. People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

The first thing you have to do to attract high paying clients is being your authentic self and getting clear on your core values and your mission in life. Many folks will act like who they “think” the audience wants them to be instead of being themselves. With the invention of social media and the age of instant information, you can no longer be one person in public and another in private. Peoples B.S. radars are on high alert. You have to be the same online as you are in person. This will create unity with your marketing, and the people who engage with you will feel a deeper emotional connection.

It also makes it easier to create content as your followers will be interested in everything you’ve got going on because you will have those deep connections established through authenticity. Your followers just want to live vicariously through the content you share.

You only need around 1000 raving fans to create a very successful business and lifestyle.


Far too many people get hung up, thinking they need millions of people to sell their products or services to be prosperous. Remember what was said above about the value of your time increasing as its availability begins to diminish. Even if you had that many clients lined up to give you money, you probably don’t have the processes in place to handle that volume. That’s a conversation for a different day, though.

How do you turn those followers into the raving fans willing to pay top dollar for your time? By creating content that resonates with them and provides them massive amounts of value.

When you share educational and entertaining content, you continue making yourself the authority, or go-to person, for your industry and marketplace—again continuing to build on that ever-important know, like, & trust factor necessary for business to be transacted. Being the authority also makes you more sought out, again increasing the value of your time based on supply and demand.

The hardest part, and where most people tend to fail with this process, is the consistency. When they get started and get the limited engagement, they let the force of average make them feel like it’s never going to work. You have to push through that initial start-up phase. Building a robust organic connection with your prospects and clients takes time. That’s why when they reach out asking for your help; you can charge whatever you’d like for your time. If their problem is bad enough and you are the one they trust to solve it, you will get the business.

To learn more about becoming the authority for your industry and market place using social media, head over to

Learn how to become the most elite version of yourself and continue attracting high paying clients without paying for high-cost advertising.

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