How To Become a Top Closer [Video]

Posted on September 16, 2018

Ryan Stewman



When I got into sales, the first thing I did was commit to becoming the top closer in the company. I was willing to learn, do the work and make it happen. I went all in and did everything in my personal power to achieve my goals. And I did!

Becoming the top closer in any company is not as hard as it seems.

I have walked into companies with bigger teams and more long-term employees and still beat all the records. Sales is a state of mind, not an employment opportunity.

I have always treated every sales job I had as if it were my last chance to do something big and if I didn’t become #1, I might as well not even have taken the job. This has always kept me competitive, enthusiastic and on fire for what I sell. I make it my mission to evangelize the prospects with my brand.

In this video, I get into the technicalities of being a top closer. A lot of it has to deal with learning technology and becoming a master at lead generation. When you can generate your own leads and close your own sales, you become the most powerful salesman there is.

To generate leads without going through a huge technological learning curve, sign up for PhoneSites to create a lead generating sales funnel in a matter of minutes. Enjoy the video and implement what you learn.

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