How to clean up your Facebook newsfeed without de-friending people

Posted on February 24, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Eventually we all wear our welcome out, and become distant from people we were once close with. It’s just a part of human nature. It happens in relationships, friendships, and even with family members. As time goes by, and too much familiarity sets in, our inner conscious begins to build up complacency. This may stem from boredom or simply out of pure annoyance. Either way. It happens.  

It happens even faster on Facebook. People who post boring content over and over, begin to piss you off rather than engage you. I know. Even I’m guilty of doing this from time to time (always. who am I kidding?) and even though you may like someone in real life, you can easily grow tired of seeing their posts. Here is how to clean up your Facebook news feed without de-friending the people you still like.   Facebook Breakup

This happens a lot around political season and during religious holidays. Shit. Who are we kidding? It happens every time someone posts dumb shit content about stuff that happened on “the news” Like I said; I’m just as guilty as everyone reading this.  

Another reason to clean up your Facebook news feed without de-friending people is so you can see more post from new people. It seems Facebook keeps your affinity score really high with a select few pages and people. This is like a rabbit hole of sorts. Since you only see those people in your newsfeed, those are the only posts to like, which grows the affinity. It’s a likable shame spiral lol.  

Facebook, being the uber smart communication device it is, has this all figured out for you. They know people piss other people off. Facebook is also aware that most people are passive-aggressive and don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. You and I can both agree it comes off rude if you de-friend anyone. Even if its out of pure boredom. Especially if they did not know they pissed you off or offended you. *que unintended enemy*  

I’ve been blocked, hated on, reported and everything else (it’s like I’m in school again sitting in ISS. lol) but that is the price I pay for being authentic and putting my life out there. It is what it is. Truth be told, the ones who hate or block me wouldn’t be my real friend or a paying customer any way *food for thought*  

Here is a way to stop seeing the annoying posts on Facebook from “that guy”. Even if its me you do this to, I’m glad I could help ;-) enjoy the video and share it with someone you know could use it. After all that’s why I made this blog post called how to clean up your Facebook news feed without de-friending people. Maximize your network – Minimize your annoyances/distractions.  


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