How To Close High Ticket Sales

Posted on September 07, 2021

Ryan Stewman



So you wanna close high ticket sales huh?

Maybe it’s cause you want to know what real commission checks feel like.

Maybe it’s cause you want to work with high quality clients.

Or maybe you’re just tired of the never ending rat race of small ticket sales.

Either way, if you’re going to close high ticket sales let’s start by clarifying what a high ticket sale actually is.

A high ticket sale is a high value, high dollar product or service. These sales are what will net you 4, 5, or even 6-figure commission checks.

If you want to close high ticket sales then you must understand the most important principal of high-ticket selling.

The Higher The Cost The Higher The Perceived Risk Is For The Prospect.


When you boil it down, sales is a lot like dating.

Low-ticket sales are your one night stands and high-ticket sales are your committed relationships like marriages.

Low-ticket sales don’t take a lot of thought or commitment. Dropping a couple hundred bucks doesn’t take much thought from the prospect as long as you’re offering something they want and need.

However, there’s a lot of considerations a prospect makes when it comes to high-ticket sales.

“Will I look dumb if this doesn’t work?”

“Will my business or marriage fall a part if I take a chance on this?”

“Am I willing to become who I need to be in order to be successful with this?”

And, based on what you’re selling, the list goes on…

So I’m gonna break down the 5 irrefutable rules of high-ticket sales so you can get paid what you’re worth.

Rule #1:

The higher the price, the more dates you have to go on to close the sale. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get a one night stand. By ’em a few drinks, deliver the right lines, and have a compelling offer. Problem is, you’re not going to find someone who wants a serious relationship if you go about your business this way. You have to take your prospects on proper dates to move the relationship down the line. It’s no different with high-ticket selling. Your sales process should be more like a “courting process” than anything else. Breaking your sales process into multiple steps will increase your closing percentage. I’ll cover these steps in the following rules.

Rule #2:

Build rapport first. You can build a bond with your prospects through a call and your marketing. People buy from people they know, like, and trust…period. This stage isn’t where you sell, it’s where you connect with your prospect as a fellow human being. The selling comes later.

Rule #3:

Build the value. Having a call with the specific purpose of developing a solution to your prospect’s problem will set you up as the authority. People hate being sold but they love buying from experts. When you can demonstrate a lot of value up front it initiates something called the “law of reciprocity”. The law of reciprocity will make your prospect want to give back to you. When you help someone by actually helping them first you will make this crazy thing called money as a result. Give first and sell second.

Rule #4:

Sell the result, not the price. When it comes to high-ticket sales, it ain’t about the money. It’s about solving a problem. When you can get your prospect’s buy-in to the solution you offer the price will simply become a part of the process to solve their problem. After presenting you’re solution, getting your prospect’s commitment is as simple as asking them how they want to take care of the payment versus asking them if it’s something they’d be willing to invest in. Sell the result because that’s what your prospects really want. When you get really good you’ll start selling the result of the result you deliver — meaning the vision of how your product or service will ultimately make their life better.

Rule #5:

Offer multiple paths up the mountain. Having multiple options that lead someone to the same result is crucial to high-ticket sales because it gives you numerous options you can get them started with. Not everyone is going to be ready to get married the first go around. If you had a way to move them towards a committed relationship do you think by delivering on what you promised you could eventually work them up to a higher level option? That’s where creating your value ladder comes into place, and delivering your value ladder options options based on the results your prospect wants — not the price.

To become a master at high-ticket sales you have to become the expert at what you do.

When you’re the expert at what you do you move from selling to consulting.

Become the expert and add so much value up front that it becomes silly to not work with you.

That’s the path to getting paid what you’re worth.

Now all that’s left is to do the work.

Until next time,

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