How To Convert Organic Traffic Into Clients

Posted on July 08, 2021

Ryan Stewman



We all know having someone to talk to about our products and services is the only way to make a sale.

Sure, you can have a fancy funnel, everything automated and the ability to turn clicks into cash, but if no one is checking your offer out…no deniro. As far as I’ve ever seen, there are only 2 ways to draw someone to your offer.

You can pay for leads or you can attract them organically.

If you’re going to go the paid route, make sure you’re working with someone who truly understands your ideal client and has experience delivering in your profession. For many entrepreneurs, it isn’t an option to pay for traffic simply because you’re not funded well enough to endure the time it takes for your money invested in delivering prospects that turn into buyers.

What if I told you there is a way to start generating leads and converting organic traffic into clients?

Organic traffic is simply clicks to your website or social media offer that you don’t pay to visit. Search Engine Optimization is the BEST way to generate more traffic to your website or offer. SEO is simply knowing what key words your ideal client may type in a search bar, and ranking your web page high enough in whatever platform you’re using so they’ll click on your page.

It happens like this:

Someone types in a word or phrase in the google search bar.

They usually see paid for ads in the first 3 spots on the first page, followed by, “People Also Ask” with a list of questions.

As they scroll past these first two sections on page one, the websites (specific pages inside a site usually) with the best keyword optimization that matches what word or phrase they typed in pops up. They click on these webpages and RARELY go past page one if they don’t find what they’re looking for. Usually they’ll go back up to the search bar and type another word or phrase to “better target” their query.

There are two distinct lessons to learn from this behavior:

You must do your best to rank on page one of google for words that your ideal BUYING client would think to type when looking for answers to their buying questions.

Much more subtle than #1, but often overlooked, is the process of nurturing someone who is searching from a prospect to a client.

The idea here is to turn prospects into clients right? You want to earn money…right?

Think about it. How many times have you been searching, typing in words in the search bar and eventually finding what you’re looking for? You’re in a hurry, you want answers, and more often than not, by the time you find what you want, you’re exhausted from searching and eventually buy one of the top 3 choices you clicked on.

Ask yourself, WHY were these the top 3 choices for you?

Was it a huge company that has authority in your mind? If so, they’ve branded themselves well in your mind.

They’ve positioned themselves as THE go-to answer for value, affordability, and overall buying experience.

Was it a less well-known company but they just seem to understand the nuance of what you’re searching for? If so, their imagery is right or the copy on their page is right. Maybe it isn’t either, it’s their in-depth knowledge about your particular need and they seem like the BEST option. Maybe they have a chat feature on the site and someone answers your questions promptly, or they make it so damn simple for you to pay.

Whatever it is, they’ve made themselves THE go-to answer for expertise, customer/client communication, and excellence in deliverability of what you want.

Then there’s the third company you might buy from. This company KNOWS that you’re not likely to buy today. They KNOW that you’re in “research” mode. They also know the value of showing up on page one of your favorite search engine and they’re taking the time to nurture a relationship with you. Maybe they write killer content, truly identifying all of your pain points and questions. Often, they’ll refer you to more information to research about the topic via a link on the page, and/or offer an incentive to get on their email list.

They’ll follow up with you in emails, directing you to more information that answers more questions, and in essence building the “know, like, trust” factor with you. Often, during this email campaign to you, they’ll give you a discount, bonus, or some other incentive to purchase from them. If they’re really good, they’ll also create urgency to buy by making it a limited time offer.

By far, this is the BEST use of SEO and way of turning organic traffic into clients.

Mainly because MOST people searching keywords don’t buy immediately, in fact the number is close to 80% of people don’t buy on the first interaction online.

If you’re really looking to turn organic traffic into clients, the best bang for your hard-earned dollar is SEO marketing WITH a funnel that converts prospects into clients. If you do it well, you’ll increase the lifetime value of your client by branding yourself as the GO-TO place for all of their “XYZ” needs. If you add an amazing client acquisition experience with after sale “care”, you’re well on your way to creating a raving fan for life, but that’s a tale for another day!

Although we only mentioned that you can do this on social media, it’s an absolute GAME CHANGER when you do. A large portion of YOUR clients are on social media platforms throughout their day. The technique is a little different from from ranking for keyword optimization, but the principles remain the same. You don’t need a website, all you need is the ability to add value, an ability to communicate via dm’s, text, or phone, and a way to collect money to make sales.

If you want to learn how we’ve created endless organic prospects on social media, click on the link here and learn about how we’ve bypassed the Google-gods and tapped straight into the source: Check out Apex Entourage

See ya in the trenches!

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