How To Create Original Content When You Are Struggling with Writer’s Block

Posted on April 29, 2013

Ryan Stewman



We’ve all been there. Matter of fact it happens to more people than it doesn’t happen to. I’m talking about Writer’s Block. You know you need to make a post on social media or write some copy for your blog, but what do you do when you are all out of things to say or write? Allow me to show you an easy way to create original content that will engage your audience.  writers block  

People love hearing other people’s opinions. Even more so, people love giving their opinions about certain subjects. So one easy way for you to come up with original content is for you to give your opinion about a subject currently in the news. Something that is on your audience’s mind.  

You can easily find plenty of stuff to talk about if you will just utilize the news function of google search. Google will automatically bring up the most important and trending news stories from whatever keywords you use to search. You can bet if it’s on the front page of google, people will be willing to talk about it and share it.  

Remember this quick tip: If you want more comments on your blog or social media posts, you need to be asking questions instead of making statements. If you post a news article and say “Look at this news post.” There is no reason for people to chime in. If you post the same exact link but say “What is your opinion on this article?” you are inviting people to give their 2 cents.  

Engagement and consistency is the key to keeping you and or your brand relevant online. You have to be sure to keep your profile and blog posts in front of your audience frequently. If not, they will forget about you and your existence within a couple of weeks. Think I’m wrong? Go through your facebook friends list and see how many friends you like but forgot about. Then you will see exactly what I’m talking about.  

I’ve made a quick video to show you step by step what I do when I need to come up with content and I am suffering from writer’s block. In the video I will show you how to use google and news stories as content. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with a friend.

How To Create Original Content 

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