How To Creatively Follow Up With Clients

Posted on August 12, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Whether you just got into sales and business or have been in the game for a hundred years, you need to get very clear on the value of follow-up!


As they say… “The F.U. money comes from proper follow-up!” 


So what does your follow up look like? 


Do you call once or twice and then toss your leads to the side and move on, or are you the kind of person who has a systematic process to your follow-up? 


The most successful sales professionals and business owners go out of their way to create a system for follow-up that allows them and their staff to stay top of mind with both current clients and those they are hoping to sign on soon. 


If you’re generating leads and have people who are raising their hand or expressing interest in your product or services, wouldn’t you agree that it makes sense to keep giving them the information they are looking for?  

How To Creatively Follow Up With Clients

The stats around follow up are staggering as well. Something like 95% of clients will need approximately 60-90 days to make a buying decision. 


This means that out of one hundred prospects, only five will be ready to do business with you today, while the remaining group will have to be followed up with overtime. 


Setting up a proper routine and going above and beyond for your clients will be the differentiator between the company who wins the client’s business and the one who doesn’t.


How can you creatively follow up with your clients and stay top of mind without annoying or pestering them?


One thing many companies and business owners fail to do is correctly set the expectations for the client. When you can reverse engineer the process from start to finish and break it down for the customer, they will have a much easier time moving forward. 


Imagine you were about to invest what could very well be your life savings in a project, but you had no idea what to expect during the process. 


Would you feel comfortable handing over that check? Neither do your clients. 


Make sure you are making every step of your process simple and helping the prospect understand how their biggest problems will be solved with minimal effort.

Provide Massive Value.

As most of you already know, a transaction occurs when the value of the said transaction exceeds the price. A.K.A. 


When the customer feels confident they are getting a great deal, they will feel comfortable handing over their hard-earned money. 


Sometimes they will even BEG you to take it if you are doing your job correctly! The best way to do that is by providing massive value during your follow up process.  


Educate and entertain your client with blog posts, tutorial videos, and simple things they can implement for themselves to keep folks like you from having to get involved. 


Providing this information will build trust with the client and let them know that you are ultimately on their side and want the best for them no matter the way. 


Remember… people tend to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Providing value during the follow-up process will be a great way to work on the trust portion. 

Send Them Funny Memes.

Your clients are human just like you, and occasionally they need someone to cheer them up on a hard day. The great thing with a tasteful and well-timed meme is you can really brighten someone’s day with it. 


Going back to the Know, Like, & Trust part of business, you can also add that people do business with people. So if you’re not adding a human and emotional element to your follow up, your clients will get turned off pretty quickly. 


The cool thing about memes is that everyone loves them. When you have a good understanding of your audience and the typical objections or problems your customers have, you can address them with a funny meme and break the awkwardness. 


Like they say… “A picture is worth a thousand words, and memes are responsible for thousands of laughs.” When you’ve got enough rapport with your clients to laugh and share memes, there is a good chance they are ready to do business with you.


Time to go in for the close!


If you’re still struggling with follow-up and would like some extra help setting up the proper process, grab our Ultimate Sales Closer Bundle


It has everything you need to follow up with and close more deals creatively. The only thing keeping you from the life you deserve is the number of sales you are closing!


 Get after it.

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