How to Fight Your Compliance Department Over Social Media Marketing and Win

Posted on November 18, 2013

Ryan Stewman



If you asked me, I’d have to say the #1 reason/excuse that most people aren’t using social media is because of their compliance department. Yea, that’s right. Most companies let the bean counters and fucking hipster, paper pushers make the rules, while us salesmen go out and make them money. It’s comical and angering at the same time. Honestly, it’s probably the #1 reason I can’t be a corporate employee. And trust me, I get BIG offers every day.   

On one hand I get it. Too many people are “sue happy” and look for any excuse they can to cut corners. (only to be bankrupt 24 months later in most cases) Because of this, companies have to protect themselves. Governing bodies like the FTC, FCC and all those other 3 letter pain in the asses, have so many damn ways they can shut you down, it’s unreal. So you have to protect your company. But that doesn’t mean you have to shelter it from the inevitable evolution of social media either.  So how do you fight your compliance department?

Let me give you a couple easy tips and tactics to market your business on social media, get results and rub it in your compliance department’s face! Run all up in the bean counter lab like “Gimme 50 Million!!!!!” If you get the results you can even act as spoiled as Kanye West, but I don’t recommend it (or condone any of that guy’s shenanigans)  

Thing one: Let’s use the financial sector for this example. The SEC, FTC and everyone else is always over-regulating the financial market. 99% of the stock brokers I know can’t talk about their business on social media. I strongly believe this costs them a ton of clients.  

The normal temptation for a rookie loan officer or other financial advisor would be to throw numbers out online. Numbers like ROI and interest rates. Anytime you throw numbers out, you are always required to verify them. If you verify a client’s numbers without their permission you could be fucked. Therefore most companies just say “no business posts on facebook period” it ain’t right, but I understand.  

Instead of using numbers, tell a story. Instead of a post like this “I just refinanced a client at 4.5% interest rate” Try something like this “Have you ever thought about what you asshole accountantwould spend the extra money on if you refinanced your home? Many of my clients put it away for their kid’s college fund. If you’d like to know how, send me a message or leave a comment and I will explain it to you for free”  

See the difference? So will the compliance department.  

Thing two: Video marketing is the cat’s meow right now. Google loves it. Facebook loves it and if you’re not using it, you’re missing clients. But your company is probably scared you will do or say something ridiculous. Due to the social media age we live in, companies protect their brands in the same manor the NSA watches over us.  

Most people want to get on video and talk about all the things their company can do. If you say even the slightest wrong words that might misrepresent the company someone could get sued. Plus if you quit the company or whatever down the road, the video could be a liability as well.  

Instead of talking about how wonderful your company or products are, talk about how wonderful you are. Tell a story on video about how you are the best. Why you go above and beyond and what clients love most about you. Never mention who you work for or the name of what you sell. Talk about a problem and then how you’ve helped others solve that problem many times before.  

Put these two simple action items into play and watch results happen for you. Once you get results, go to your boss or compliance department and show them why it’s a good thing. Get special permission for a trial run or two. It’s always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. (Don’t tell your boss I said that. They’ll block my site)  

I could go on about this subject forever and give you a million ways around those hipster, bean counting, nay sayers but my fingers hurt and I’m done writing.

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