How To Generate Leads On Social Media Using Only Your Personal Profile

Posted on August 05, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



At this point, if you’re not using social media as a tool to connect with prospective clients, you’re missing out on $1,000’s in lost commissions. 


There are approximately two billion users on Facebook alone. 


To be successful beyond your wildest dreams, you need less than .001% of those users to do business with you. 


Truth be told, many sales professionals and business owners think having an influx of leads would save their business. 


That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Without the proper systems and processes in place for delivery, a massive influx of eager clients would do you more harm than good. 


That’s a conversation for a different day. Let’s get back to bringing in a manageable number of leads consistently. 

How To Generate Leads On Social Media Using Only Your Personal Profile

Imagine having 3-5 prospects per day, reaching out already warmed up, and with the necessary KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST already built. 


It’s entirely possible to create an automated system that brings in qualified prospects for you with just your personal profiles on social media. 


The secret is having an understanding of why people are on social media, to begin with, and know-how the internal algorithms treat certain types of content to get the most exposure. 

The first thing you need to do is create your digital handshake. 

What that means is setting up your profile in a way that clearly explains… 


  • Who you are.
  • Where you’re from. 
  • What you do. 
  • How the person looking at your profile can take value by returning often. 


When we meet someone in person, the first thing we do is look them over and make an initial assumption about them. 


It’s not a bad thing; this is just standard practice and designed to keep us safe. The same thing occurs when someone clicks on your profile to check you out and do some social recognizance. 


Make sure your profile is a clear and recent picture of yourself. You want to know who you’re doing business with, and so does your prospect. 


Lose the 80’s style headshots and be authentic. 


There is NO REASON to put your resume of past jobs on social media and being the “Boss at…” for five different companies doesn’t make you look successful, it makes you look like you have no focus.  


Be the expert of one thing and do that thing better than anyone in your industry and marketplace. 


Give your prospects a way to connect with you or give you their information. If you’ve got someone looking at your profile, which is potentially interested in doing business with you, the process should be straightforward. 


Having a simple landing page type website with an essential bio and linking out to your specific offer is a great way to collect prospect data. 


Use a tool like so your prospects will appreciate the ease of contact, and the automated follow-up will make your life easier as well. 

Finally, picture your timeline like a television channel.

If you look at your favorite television shows and which channels they appear on, you can take a few key strategies and apply them to your social media profiles, the most critical being, people are watching to be entertained, educated, or engaged with. 


If all you saw on the channel w commercials and sales advertisements, you’d be quick to turn away, as will your prospects.  


You should be creating content that is curated for your audience in a way that keeps the value levels high in those three areas: entertainment, Education, and Engagement. 


Periodically you’ll have earned the right to talk about business and make them direct sales offers without turning them off to your channel. 

Last but not least, consistency matters. 

If you want your audience to stay loyal fans and followers, you have to remain consistent with your content and your message. 


You can’t post once a week and expect people to have you at the top of mind when it comes to needing your product or service.  


The audience needs to be engaged with at the same time and with the same type of content. You don’t turn on “Animal Planet” to learn about history, and Cartoon Network isn’t going to be the best place to study the presidents. 


The same applies to your profile content. Pick a theme and pick a routine, then stick with it.  


Not only will your followers appreciate it, but it will also make your life WAY easier knowing what kind of content to focus on creating. 


If you implement these simple things in your social media profiles and routine, you will begin to see a massive increase in your engagement levels. 


It may take a little time to adjust, but the great news is these tactics require no additional effort once completed and will continue to generate leads forever. 


Once you’ve got this process down and you’ve got a growing number of inbound lead requests, it’s time to set up the systems and procedures discussed earlier on. 


These systems will allow you to continue bringing in new clients while focusing on what matters most, closing the deal. 


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