How To Get More Facebook Friends and Likes

Posted on October 01, 2012

Ryan Stewman



The #1 go-to move that people on facebook use to attempt to get more fans, is to simply post “like my page” and then leave the link. Thanks to facebook’s IPO that method is no longer a sustainable marketing practice. The edge-ranking system kills your fan pages posts in the timeline. Most of your friends will never see these types of posts, unless they are paid or promoted ads.

Here is a cool infographic about the power of social media. 


Anytime technology out smarts our outpaces us, we have to think about going back to old school methods. This week I show you how you can use old school methods to get more fans/friends on facebook.   Facebook mirrors life and people on facebook are afraid to ask for the business too. Asking on facebook is not really a call to action, in my opinion [when it comes to getting more fans]   Watch this video to see how you can easily attract more fans using this simple, old school tactic.  

How To Get More Facebook Friends and Likes




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