How To Get Paid What You’re Worth.

Posted on April 16, 2021

Ryan Stewman



If you’re in sales or own a business then you most likely got into it because of the “no income limit lifestyle”. For now, you trade your time for money so you can eventually use that money to buy your time back. Not to mention, there’s no feeling on Earth like that feeling when you receive a commission or payment.

But how much time did it take you to get to that commission or payment?

How many leads did you have to call?

How many appointments did you have to set?

How many presentations did you have to give?

How much time did it take you to get the paperwork together to process the sale?

That time adds up…and it adds up fast if you’re not paying attention. Before you know it, what seemed like a payday turns out to be mediocre when you factor in the amount of time it took you to make that sale.

It gets even worse if you gave a discount to get the deal done. Before you know it, you’re making the same amount as Harold in HR while dealing with way more bullshit.

That’s where the mindset of getting what you’re worth comes in. But there’s something you need to understand first.

You’re either getting paid what you’re worth or being told what you’re worth.


At the end of the day, value is nothing more than perception. Your prospect either sells you on their perception of your value or you sell them.

This is why getting paid what you’re worth comes down to two things:

First is the value you place on your time and the results your product or service provides.

See, most sales pros and business owners place their value on the product or service they provide without a second thought. What they struggle with is placing value on their time.

You can always get more money but you can never get your time back. Thus making your time 10x more valuable than any dollar amount you could come up with.

So how do you go from sales rep to Jocko Willink, who charges $50k for a one-hour Zoom call?

This is where the second key to getting what you’re worth comes in: producing results and leveraging those results to elevate yourself to the next level. Each new win under your belt takes you another step towards getting paid what you’re worth.

Start with setting a target of X amount of sales, then revisit what worked, and most importantly, what didn’t work. Look for ways to increase value and results with your customers, then increase what you’re charging.

You can either be known as the cheapest, the most affordable, or you can be known as the best at what you do.

I firmly believe those who show up to do the work and solve others’ problems deserve to get paid what they’re worth. All that’s left is for you to give yourself permission for it.

Do the work and go get what you’re worth.

Until Next Time.

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