How To Get Ridiculously Rich By 30

Posted on March 17, 2019

Ryan Stewman



Our parents tried to convince us to go to college, get a nice corporate job and work our way up the ladder. Getting rich to them meant 401(k)s, stocks, IRAs, low debt and savings. Most of our parents lived well below their means. After all, think about it, our grandparents survived the Great Depression. 
Just three generations later, we’re here in 2019 trying to be rich as soon as possible without having to work too much. Which is totally possible these days.
Before I get into the specifics, let’s define a few things for the context of this article. First let’s say a “millionaire” is someone with at least a million more in assets than debt. Second, let’s say that “rich” means you earn over 7 figures a year. Third “wealthy” is that 9-figure “fuck you money” net worth.

In the age of Instagram and massive flexes on social media, younger people want to be richer faster.

They see social proof daily, so they know it’s possible. Before social media, we hardly ever got a look into rich people’s lives. I’m 40 and my generation’s best glimpse into what being rich looked like was Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous and MTV Cribs. Now, anyone can log in to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and instantly see millions of rich people and how they live. Which means a lot of people are doing it, so it can’t be that hard. 
My friend and business partner, Josh King Madrid who’s earning almost a million a month right now turned 21 last week. He has an entire clique of folks under 30 crushing it in the ecom space. These “kids” are all getting rich while traveling the planet taking private jets. It’s not fake shit either; I know because I’m a part of it. I’m never too old to learn from younger people.

The previous generations didn’t grow up with the same technology that exists now.

They had to go work in the “field” while we get to now work from anywhere. As long as we have a Wi-fi connection, we can get rich without having to work much. Plus, if you’re smart, whatever you’re making money on won’t seem like work because you’ll enjoy it so much.

So, how do you get ridiculously rich by 30?

Uncover Your Passion: Yeah, I know, it sounds hokey and woo-woo. Trust me; it’s not that at all. Let me explain what I mean in a logical and psychological way. First, you were coded with passion in your brain because that’s what you are supposed to do in life. We each have a calling. We are each passionate about that calling. Older generations couldn’t make their passion a reality as easily as we can these days.
Let’s say you love going out to eat at nice restaurants and partying in clubs. That’s your passion, crazy as it sounds. You can start a column on where you review high-end restaurants and clubs. Promote the column on social media. Get traffic to the column and run ads on your articles. As you get more and more popular, clubs and restaurants will comp you. At some, point clubs will pay you to visit and people will pay you to hang out. You’ll not only make money from the articles, but you’ll also get paid to eat and party. Any leftover money should go into investments. 
Invest: Once you figure out your passion and start realizing the perks that go along with it aka money, you need to be smart with it. Most people in their 20s blow money like they are gonna live forever, but there’s a much better plan for those who want “fuck you” money. You need maybe 1-2 flashy sets of clothes. No one notices that you wear the same shit these days. Don’t go out and buy a closet full of Gucci, when all you need is a couple of outfits.

Spend your money on what will hold value and pay you back.

For example, every week I go shopping. Not for clothes or cars, but for business, stocks and real estate. I spend money every week on these things. Just like some blow money on clothes and fancy hotels—I plan on owning a fancy hotel soon–I still get that dopamine feeling of spending money, but I’m spending it on what makes me money.
My investments include but are not limited to, business loans, real estate, stocks, partnerships, software and more. I have around 30 or so flows of income coming to me monthly. Oh, and I did all this out of my passion to help salespeople. 
I got rich in my 20s without social media. I did seminars and sold mortgages. By the time I was 26 I was making over $700K a year doing something I loved. This was pre-social media. When social media really picked up I was in my 30s but still able to make millions of dollars doing what I’m passionate about. 
Bottom line: it only takes two things to get ridiculously rich by 30. 1) Find your passion and make money from it. 2) Invest your maximum amount early, and you’ll be richer faster. If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, but you want to sell and get rich fast, check out the free training at 

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