THC Podcast 018: How To Identify Your Perfect Customer

Posted on July 04, 2016

Ryan Stewman



If you go around trying to sell your products/services/etc.  To everyone, you will end up closing no one.

Ok, you might grab some low hanging fruit deals here and there, but if you do not know who your perfect customer is you will never reach your true earning potential.

In this episode of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast”, Ryan Stewman discusses an exercise he learned from Frank Kern that helped him hone in on who his target and who his perfect customer is. 

Finding Your Perfect Customer

Why You Need To Identify Your Perfect Customer

There are so many pros to knowing who your perfect customers are. 

It makes your marketing and branding more effective because you know the language of the individual you are marketing to.

Ryan lists out and reviews the many pros to identifying your perfect customer.

Once you have unearthed who your perfect customer is you will know exactly who they are and how to position yourself in front of them to earn their business.

How To Identify Your Perfect Customer

Ryan goes into the exercise he learned from Frank Kern to identify your perfect customer.

Learn the exact steps and how Ryan used them in his business to identify his perfect customer.

Regardless of what you are selling,  you can follow this roadmap to identifying your perfect customer and unlocking your true earning potential in sales.

Do You Know Who Your Perfect Customer Is?

If you have not narrowed in on your perfect customer you can execute this exercise right away.

Tactics like this cost you zero dollars to implement and will no questions asked help you close more deals.

You do want to close more deals, don’t you? Yea thought so.

Check out the episode here:

Mentioned In This Episode 

Frank Kern – Core Influence 

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